Family of Late Vinnie Atieno Cries For Help To Stop Her Secret Burial In Sweden

Late Vinnie Atieno

Late Vinnie Atieno

Hi. It is with deep sorrow that I write this. I am the sister of the late Vinnie Atieno. I want anybody who can assist me because I am puzzled about the whole situation. Theres no way thet strangers can arrange for her burial without the family’s concerns being addressed. They have planned to burry her tomorrow which me and my family is against. We first want to know the results of the postmortem and they are saying they cant release it untill August. So I don’t understand why so I want people to join hands with me and help me stop the burial that is planned for tomorrow afternoon. Thanks and God bless you all

Diana Obonyo:



  • Diana and Martha, nyinyi ni wakora kapisa! Everybody in Sweden knows every thing you have done. Your mother and the rest of your family have nothing to do with the fuss you are creating. You are spoiling the names of Kenyans in this land. Please go back to Germany because the police is waiting for you there for “you know what you did”….Your family want you two to stop creating problems for the burial. Let your sister rest in peace. You stripping in public is an embarrassment to respected Kenyans. I am ashamed to have seen you do what you did. Your sister was loved and respected by many people, what you and Martha are doing is very bad. Why did you write this announcement a day to the burial? Yet you have been here for the last two weeks? You knew everything before. You were told that all tests will be done and the doctor is working on it and you had all accepted for the burial date, why is it an issue now? Or is it that the people you wanted to come from NBI to disappear in Europe didn’t yet get a visa? Watch out my daughter, you are too young to take this road of utter insanity. Anyways, be careful, all authorities are aware of your plans and you are being monitored. Regards, Disappointed Kenyan Lady.

  • Disappointed Kenyan lady? Heartless Kenyan lady would fit you better. The family is greaving and you have the nerve to insult them?! Do you think you are above tragedy?! Too bad hearts are not sold on Amazon I would have bought you one for free SMH. It seems you have a personal grudge with the family, this is not the right place or time to display it. Melt away!!

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