Thirty Five Reasons Why Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government Needs to be Overthrown

As long as the Mount Kenya Mafia is charge, the 2017 elections has already been stolen in advance.

As long as the Mount Kenya Mafia is in charge, the 2017 elections has already been stolen in advance.

The Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) is extremely concerned with the deteriorating situation in Kenya. The government of Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to engage in mass killings using the army and the GSU on a fake ground of “maintaining security” during the planned Cord rallies across the country. The Internal Security Cabinet Secretary, Joseph ole Lenko, is moving towards criminalizing Cord rallies and blaming insecurity on both Cord politicians and Raila Odinga in particular.

Because of the impending anarchy the government is scheming, and in order to save innocent lives which will be lost at the hands of government security agents, the KRA supports calls by patriotic Kenyans across the country for the overthrow of the Kenyatta regime, the arrest of Mount Kenya Mafia criminals running the State and their arraignment in a court of law to face charges of economic crimes, violation of the constitution, misuse of power, political assassinations, looting and plunder of the Kenyan economy, human rights violations, land grabbing among others. In summary, KRA believes that Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime should be overthrown because of the following reasons.

1. Uhuru is the beneficiary of a stolen election through the conniving of IEBC and Supreme Court which worked in cahoots with the mount Kenya mafia cartel which controlled state power at the time of elections.

2. Uhuru is a suspected war criminal who should not have contested elections in the first place. He should have been at the ICC to answer charges of crimes against humanity, not misruling Kenya and exposing Kenyans to mass starvation.

3. He has failed to govern as evidenced by the high insecurity in Kenya, mass unemployment, mass poverty and other known vices that have ravaged the lives of millions of Kenyans.

4. His family is the biggest land grabber in Kenya, owning land the size of Nyanza province although millions of Kenyans are landless.

5. Although his family has stolen chunks of land, he proceeded to give Kenyans fake title deeds, an act that shocked many Kenyans who could not understand how a President could distribute fake titles.

6. Uhuru Kenyatta is a perpetual liar. After election theft, he said that he would not appoint politicians into the Cabinet and later he did so by appointing Balala and Ngilu into the Cabinet.

7. During election campaigns he said he would provide school pupils with laptops. To date, pupils are still waiting for laptops.

8. He is presiding over one of the most corrupt regimes in the history of Kenya with the latest being the Ksh 400 billion Railway scandal.

9. He said that he would settle IDPs as soon as he took over government. To date, IDPs (including Kikuyu IDPs) continue to rot in squalid IDP camps especially in the Rift Valley.

10. He said he would create jobs for the youth when he comes to power. He hasn’t and many unemployed youths have now turned to crime as a matter of survival.

11. He promised free maternity services for pregnant women and so far, he has not delivered a single unit. Pregnant mothers continue to die in Kenya due to lack of maternal care while money that was raised by his wife in a shoddy charity scheme has not been accounted for.

12. He is killing devolution by frustrating county governments through the passing of illegal laws and starving counties of cash so that his mafia cartel can continue looting.

13. He said he would dialogue with CORD and later backed off after consultation with his mafia friends. He never sticks to his word!

14. He has allowed Mount Kenya mafia cartel to control the army, the police force, para-military GSU, NSIS, the Central Bank, Attorney General and the Judiciary (all key instruments of power) thereby keeping off 41 of the 42 tribes of Kenya away from the controlling centers of power. This is unacceptable.

15. He is violating (with impunity) the New Kenyan Constitution by banning or threatening to ban political rallies, executing Kenyans through political assassinations, passing laws to muzzle Press Freedom among other very serious violations. Now, he is threatening Raila Odinga with arrest because the Cord leader has called for political rallies.

16. He promised Kenyans security but to date, the country is extremely insecure after he hired a confused cook to be in charge of internal security and a diplomat to be in charge of National defence. Bombs, hand grenades and indiscriminate shooting of innocent civilians in churches, bars and along the road side has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Kenyans. How much blood must still be spilt? Uhuru must go!

17. Political assassinations by suspected government agents are back in Kenya with clerics from the Islamic community having been the most affected. So far, no one has been brought to book for a single assassination. There is no government in Kenya.

18. Uhuru Kenyatta promised to form a Commission to investigate the Westgate terrorist attack in which 67 lives were lost but he didn’t and instead, allowed the terrorists to escape before his soldiers (who had been camping at the site with tanks looking for terrorists) looted Westagate dry. So far, no soldier has been brought to book although the looting was captured on CCTV cameras.

19. His illegal regime has refused to increase workers’ salaries. Many workers have been reduced to paupers while pensioned teachers have not been paid since Jubilee came to power. Their money has been stolen while those in employment are being robbed through illegal NSSF taxes.

20. While killing the tourism industry by allowing rampant insecurity to prevail, the Uhuru regime is, at the same time, serving the interest of the rich wealth grabbers thereby widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

21. Uhuru Kenyatta is the greatest tribalist of all time, appointing only Kikuyus to top positions in government. As Kenyans all know, it is now “Kikuyu come Kikuyu go”. Something must be done!

22. He has sold Kenya to the Chinese and invited Nigerians to come and exploit Kenya’s resources. As he invited a Nigerian to own the biggest cement factory in Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta and friends are busy repatriating stolen tax payer’s money to Nigeria for safe keeping because he is not in good terms with the West where the rich traditionally hide stolen money.

23. He has refused to recall Kenyan soldiers back from Somalia where billions are being wasted to fight a useless war which does not benefit Kenya in any way. Kenyan families are losing loved ones in a bogus war whose objective is only known to Uhuru.

24. He has allowed President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda to steal Migingo island in Lake Victoria and failed to protect the interest of Kenyans at the island.

25. He has failed to contain terrorism because of misplaced priorities and spending too much time fighting Raila Odinga and CORD. Months after he declared that Al Shabaab had been vanquished, the terror group is growing stronger in Kenya and terrorizing wananchi even more.

26. Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has systematically engaged in ethnic profiling especially of Kenyans from North Eastern province who have been harassed, arrested, detained, attacked, beaten, maimed, raped and killed by Jubilee security forces while others (including women and children) have been left to rot at Kasarani concentration camp.

27. He is a pariah within the International community and world leaders have refused to work with him because of his “war criminal” status. His continued service as President is isolating Kenya.

28. He continues to allow his Jubilee government to increase prices of basic consumer commodities making life in Kenya unaffordable. Millions of Kenyans are starving to death due to lack of food.

29. He paid Anglo-Leasing thieves Ksh 1.4 billion with Tax payer’s money as his government continues to condone drug trafficking and killing of elephants by Chines poachers.

30. He continues to tell Kenyans to wait for 2017 while the 2017 election has already been stolen in advance by the Mount Kenya mafia cartel.

31. He is rapidly growing into a ruthless and blood-hungry tyrant, if not, a barbaric dictator who has declared publicly that he will do everything within his power to ensure that he rules Kenya for 20 years. The “wait for 2017” call is therefore a big ruse. Uhuru must go!

32. He is surrounded by a Mount Kenya Mafia cartel that rigged him to power and which has no regard to the welfare of suffering Kenyans. This cartel must be defeated, rounded up, arrested, tried for economic and political crimes and if found guilty, locked behind bars for decades or hanged with a guitar wire at Uhuru park.

33. He is taking the country back to the days of Moi by rolling back the democratic gains of the last 50 years. The word “treason” is back on the political vocabulary to threaten Kenyans organizing political rallies.

34. He is unable to govern, is driving Kenya towards a pariah state and now, the country is in social, economic and political crisis.

35. He has refused to dialogue with the opposition and since nothing is changing, the only way to rescue the country is to overthrow the thieving Jubilee/Uhuruto regime on Saba Day if they fail to dialogue.

The overthrow of the Uhuru regime will open the way for the suspects to be carted away to The Hague to face trials because that is where they belong. A new and democratic election will then be organized for Kenyans to choose their leaders without the threat of election rigging by a mafia cartel that has and continues to plunder the nation. KRA appeals to all freedom loving Kenyans to match to Saba Saba day with full confidence because if all goes well, time for liberation is quickly approaching.

Okoth Osewe
Secretary General
Kenya Red Alliance (KRA)


  • Rose Åström

    people they luck nothing to say bt that does nt stop our president to rule our nation so let them continue mambo ya mkate nusu nd propagandas we shal se during the next election uhuru wil read no matter wat we wil vote for him always.

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