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Michael Jackson’s Death Photo

According to reports gathered by KSB, at least 12 Michael Jackson fanatics have committed suicide since his death was announced last Friday while there are fans who believe that MJ is not dead because nobody has yet seen his “death photo”. This is a common phenomenon following the death of a celebrity. Some fans think that Elvis Presley never died

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New Nyama Choma At Fittja Beach

”AFRICA UNITED” PRESENTS… The Ultimate barbeque combined with the dance floor! Saturday 4th of July 2009 Let’s get it on! The Feast: At Fittja beach from 14.00-22.00. Free entrance The Boogie: At Norsborg, Musikhuset, Tomtbergavägen 370, from 22.00-06.00 (if you can keep up the spirit all night long…) Entrance 80 kr Contact E-mail: Tel: 0737-898 266

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“Paperless Kenyans Can Still Succeed”, Says Shiku

A comment from Juma on my last article created a pot-full of eagerness in me. He mentioned a classification of Kenyans in Sweden as those “having papers” and those “paperless”. I responded to him for more spice. The “paperless”, I learnt, are referred to as “Monkeys”.   Reason? They are compelled to jump from one person to another, hunting for “papers’’.

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