Michael Jackson’s Death Photo

According to reports gathered by KSB, at least 12 Michael Jackson fanatics have committed suicide since his death was announced last Friday while there are fans who believe that MJ is not dead because nobody has yet seen his “death photo”.

Let us agree that MJ is dead and will be buried

Let us agree that MJ is dead and will be buried

This is a common phenomenon following the death of a celebrity. Some fans think that Elvis Presley never died while the internet is awash with stories to the effect that Tupac Shakur faked his own death to avoid being killed by his enemies so that he could, in turn, enjoy his acquired wealth.

The case of Tupac has, at times, tottered between reality and fiction because of the supposedly hasty cremation of his body. If MJ’s body had been cremated on Friday when he died, we could be certain that conspiracy theorists could be having a field day claiming that he is not dead.

KSB readers who are also ardent Michael Jackson fans have requested that the blog site track down Michael Jackson’s “death photo” so that they can begin to believe that MJ is gone forever to open the way for mourning.

Despite pictures of MJ’s body being loaded into a van from a helicopter to be transported to the coroner and despite an autopsy having been conducted on MJs body, it is incredible that some fans do not still want to accept that he is dead.

We have tracked down the photo so that whoever is still in doubt that the King of Pop is dead can begin to mourn. In the meantime, KSB crew is mourning with everybody. We had looked forward to securing an interview with MJ next month in London when he was scheduled to perform for the last time but now he is dead.

We are among those who are convinced that MJ’s work will live forever and this is what the Michael Jackson global community ought to be celebrating as they go about mourning.

Okoth Osewe

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