Kenyans Outnumbered At “Kenyan Afternoon” Treat

The “Kenyan afternoon” came and went. It was attended by over 60 people, majority of them

Ugali moto

Ugali moto

non Kenyans. When I arrived, the place was already packed although I was the only Kenyan guest. At one point, I felt like a gate crasher until I spotted Tonny and Caroline. The food was sweet, cheap and Kenyan with Ugali and Mboga topping the menu.

It looks like members of Kenya-Stockholm community are in deep sleep on matters of culture and now, the Swedes have taken over to show them how it’s done. Chapatis, rice and dengu were present in plenty and what you needed was to squeeze 30 kr from your wallet and that was it. Just imagine arriving at a “Kenyan afternoon” bash and instead of the familiar faces on the social scene, you cannot recognize anybody although attendance stands at over 60.

After about 45 minutes, I recognized a Kenyan lady I had met at the pre-wedding although I didn’t dare ask

Mboga na Dengu

Mboga na Dengu

her whether she was also converted into an Odiangabuk when the main wedding was called. KISS agents (KSB Intelligence Secret Services) have reported that the matter is very sensitive and current policy at KSB is not to touch on it because “investigations are still continuing”. Meeting the Kenyan lady at the function was a small relief because the number of Kenyans had increased to three.

Then, Barry Owino and family popped up followed closely by Jasper “Wendo” and Man Opande. I kept on hoping that more Kenyans would turn up but unfortunately, the arrival of Man Opash sealed the fate of Kenyan arrivals. Barry told me that he read about the thing at KSB the same day it was happening, packed the family immediately and headed for Sundyberg because such an event could not be missed. The event itself was a very good idea and a big challenge to Wakenya. People were very friendly and you could speak to anybody.

I expected to see akina Albert Taabu, our famous Ngugi, Artist Bryan, Moses Trubadur et al taking over the



music part to show the crowd how it’s done. Instead, a cute blondie was on the drums together with a Latino and they gave the audience a “run for their time!” Haya!

We had Kenyan food and Kenyan drums beating in a cultural mix where Kenyans were missing in action. The audience was diverse although Swedes dominated.

Obviously, the event, which was organized by “Det Stora Knytkalaset” in conjunction with ABF ( an organization of the workers movement in Sweden), was well planned. The reason why the organizers could not reach Kenyans is because the community is disorganized with no functional organization.

The situation is so serious that to try and rescue the culture here in Sweden, ugali, mboga, dengu and other Kenyan delicacies are being prepared by third parties while Kenyan drums are being played by professional Swedish artists. The event was a big challenge to the Kenya-Stockholm community to wake up from stupor and organize.

Okoth Osewe

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