Embassy Silence Could Be a Sign Of ”No Kenyatta Day”

If one is gender biased or a practicing male chauvinist, one could easily blame the silence of the Kenyan Embassy over this year’s Kenyatta day bash to “female cowardice” by the feminine-inclined leadership at the Embassy pitting  Ambassador Purity Muhindi on the one hand and her Deputy, Jenipher Awuor on the other.

However, intelligence filtering from the Embassy tells a totally different story. According to a source, money for this year’s Kenyatta day has been scarce because it was either not allocated in the budget or diverted. In other words, the Embassy might not be in a position to throw this year’s Kenyatta day bash because there is no money to finance the event.

Instead of boldly coming out with information at the Embassy website that Kenyans should not expect anything from the Embassy during this year’s Kenyatta day, our Ladies sitting on top of the Mission have chosen silence as a way of communication. According to a source, the problem is that last year’s Kenyatta day bash was thrown because it was part of PNU’s election strategy and now that elections are over, Kenyatta day celebration to appease a critical Kenya-Stockholm Diaspora is also out of tune.

According to information gathered by KSB, the Ambassador’s strategy was to “keep silent” on the Kenyatta day bash hoping that Kenyans will not be able to raise the issue and then as the day passes quietly in Stockholm, the Embassy begins to raise prospects of Jamhuri day bash slated for 12th December to divert attention from the missed Kenyatta day.

Another problem is that the Ambassador has already lost interest in the Kenya-Stockholm environment because she is on her way to Kenya and the last thing she is keen on doing is wasting her remaining time on a permanently critical gang of Kenyans in Stockholm. It is reported that the Ambassador is more keen on spending time on stuff that will advance her personal interest as she packs her bags and hosting Kenyatta day is not one of her favourite priorities just now.

The question that remains is whether the Kenyan Embassy is a private institution where information is distributed at the whims of the Ambassador or whether it is a public institution where public servants are expected to adhere to codes in the Constitution which guarantees the public’s right to know.

For example, Embassy staff have been economic with information about the Mission’s annual budget making it difficult to establish the exact fate of Kenyatta day or to establish the truth about any explanation that might be given by the Embassy for not hosting the event.

We are in a situation where the Ambassador, her Deputy and her third in command are allergic to the telephone whenever a critical question pops up. Is it in order for a public official at such an important institution like the Embassy to dodge phone calls or even refuse to return calls after a message has been left behind and recorded by juniors manning phones? Shouldn’t the Ambassador and her followers like Awuor be reported to Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs with recommendations for a recall on grounds that they are dysfunctional?

As I wrote earlier, the Embassy’s web site is dead. To drag the point home, the site still has it that the last election took place in December 2002 when Kibaki took over from Moi. Raila Odinga, and his Office of Prime Minister, is not in the map as far as the government which Purity represents is concerned. At the “Kenya government” link at the site you find the following information:

“The Executive power is held by the President who is elected by direct popular vote for 5 years. The President is usually assisted by an appointed Vice-President and a Cabinet. The winning candidate at Presidential elections must receive no less that 25% of the votes in at least five of Kenya’s eight Provinces. The current President is H. E. Mr. Emilio Mwai Kibaki who took over the Presidency on 30.12.2002 from ex-President Daniel T. arap Moi after the 2002 General elections“.

Since responsible Embassy top brass have fled from their phones, there is no option but to communicate to them through the blog even if this is embarrassing. The above error at the site needs to be corrected urgently because it is misleading and inaccurate on a critically important matter pertaining to Kenya’s leadership.

The only hope is that a new leadership at the Embassy after Purity will be more responsive during this era of Grand coalition government in our country. Kenyans in Stockholm would like to make contributions which would add to quality of service at the Embassy but the decay of the current leadership at the Mission does not make this possible. The case of Purity and her cohorts is just hopeless to say the least. KSB will wait and see what happens with Kenyatta day.

Okoth Osewe

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