Kenyatta Day Bash: Word Awaited From Embassy

Kenyans in Stockholm have been making enquiries at KSB as to where Kenyatta day will be

Out of Office

Purity: Out of Office

celebrated this year. Unfortunately, the Ambassador was in a meeting (out of Office) while Jenipher Awuor, her Deputy, was also attending another meeting (out of Office). Daniel Kotutt, whom, KSB was told, is in charge of the event was also out of Office. It could not b established whether he too was in a meeting or whether he had gone out in the streets kurandaranda.

So far, nothing has been posted at the Embassy website which has been dead for some time without a single update for months. When it was launched in Kista, Stockholm, at the last Kenyatta day, Purity said that the Embassy will be using the site to communicate to Kenyans in Stockholm but so far, the site has remained cold.

Although the Ambassador is reported to be attending several meetings, her only speech posted at the site is the bit she delivered on 20th October last year at Kenyatta day. One may wonder

Out of Office

Jenipher: Out of Office

whether she ever gives speeches at these meetings and why (if any) they are never posted at the site so that Kenyans can follow her work through the web site. Anyway…

I left a message that H.E Ambassador Purity, Jenipher or Kotutt should call KSB as soon as they report back to Office and as a matter of urgency. That was yesterday and as at 11.00 hrs Thursday October 7th 2008, the Embassy had not made any contact.

As both Kenyatta and Jamhuri days approach, focus is turning to Kenya Embassy which might begin to get back on the news after a long period of time.

Last year, a 2 hour Kenyatta day bash was held at a Restaurant in Kista. Many Kenyans would like to know the schedule in advance so that they can organize time-out at their work places to be at the event. Let us hope that Lady Purity (or her work mates at the Embassy) will rise to the occasion by giving direction on Kenyatta day.

Okoth Osewe

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