Johnny Under Attack On “Just A Woman” Comment

Johnny, your article left me wondering! You watered down all what I thought was good by making a sensitive comment. I could not stop asking myself weather you are new on the planet earth! It is like you were dropped from Mars recently.

You wrote: “take it easy with the Ambassador as she is just a woman trying to do her things.” I consider this as pure male chauvinism, prejudice and adverse view against women. If Purity is weak as an Ambassador, it is not because she is a woman. Remember that a woman is  an adult female human being.

A female is no less superior to a male. Johnny, the current world has moved from such thoughts. Your comment was embarrassing and degrading. I never thought I would live to read/hear such from a Kenyan living utomlands (assuming that we are role models to those who are back home). Even old people at home know that it is sensitive to make such a comment against women.

I have never met the Ambassador, neither have I entered the Kenyan embassy in Stockholm. I have read a lot about their inefficiency, but I cannot make a conclusion as to whether Purity is weak or not. You asked Osewe to take it easy on her. If Osewe is dissatisfied with her performance, as a Kenyan, he has rights to express his dissatisfaction.

Gone are the days when Kenyans used to say Kanu ni baba na tena ni mama even when we all knew it was not. Women, as human beings are supposed to carry out their duties just like their male counterparts.

As a woman, I demand that you apologize to all women. This is a sensitive issue and can not be taken lightly.

Chebet Keter


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