Keep It Up KSB

I am not so good in writing and I think I should start doing more practice. The points you raise about Petersson are very good because as Kenyans in Sweden, we don’t have to accept every situation uncritically even when our Constitution is being violated.

I am one of those Kenyans who think that the Embassy could do more to play a role whenever a Kenyan has problems which the Embassy can address. If you commit a crime in this country, there is little the Embassy can do especially if the Swedes have evidence. But at least, the Embassy can show interest in the case by attending the trial and helping legally. If you go to prison, it’s up to you.

On the Petersson case, I don’t think he ceased being a Kenyan because of Swedish citizenship. Once a Kenyan, always a Kenyan. But I think that the law should be followed and if by law he cannot be deported to Kenya because he is stateless, he should stay in Sweden as a stateless person.

I don’t understand why some people are saying that the Embassy has nothing to do with this thing. May be the Swedes don’t know that he is no longer a Kenyan and it is the Embassy to tell them and to explain that it is not possible to use the Kenyan Passport. What is the big problem with telling them this? The Swedes are now more likely to listen to the Embassy than the Kenyan on this issue and if the Swedes follow the law as some people say, then they should also follow the Kenyan law and leave the Kenyan alone.

I am just wondering if he arrives at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport then he says he is stateless. What will happen if the Swedes have his Kenyan Passport? This is where I think the Embassy could help. He was Swedish, the Kenyan law says he is stateless while the Swedes think he is still Kenyan. This is where the problem is. I don’t see why it is difficult for the Embassy to educate the Swedes about the Kenyan Constitution especially if the Embassy knows that the passport the Swedes want to use is not valid.

I think the Ambassador is not the person to go for. The real person is the one who takes care of immigration issues and I think it’s some woman who came here recently. She needs to tell the Swedes about what the Kenyan Constitution says in the Petersson case. I think this is the way to go.

Osewe, thank you for bringing these issues up because I could not have known about this case. I open KSB every day to see what’s up and it gives me a good break. Excuse me for my ignorance but I did not know that my son who was fathered in Sweden is Kenyan. I have been to all the Kenyan blogs managed by Kenyans in Stockholm and I still think that KSB is the blog to watch. It brings the issues then others begin to discuss them. Keep up the good work although take it easy with the Ambassador. She is just a woman who is trying to do her things.


Thanks for your compliments. Good article although we take issue with your comment that the Ambassador “is just a woman”. It sounds sexist in this age of gender parity, equality debates and gender sensitivity at different levels. The Liberian President is the first woman president in Africa and we think this is good and positive. Purity may have her own weaknesses but she need not be undermined on the basis of gender. It reeks of gender bias.