ODM-K Scandinavia To Organize Tour Of Ambassador’s Residence

“Triangular” land grabbed (together with tree) and new boarder in background  

The leadership of ODM-K Scandinavia will organize a tour of the residence of the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mrs Purity Muhindi to inspect land at the compound. The purpose of the tour is to enable ODM-K Scandinavia members and interested Kenyans to survey a piece of land which was allegedly grabbed and transferred to a neighbor under circumstances that are still not yet clear.

Last week, KSB published allegations by Mr. Njenga Muirani, a gardener who was fired by the Ambassador for unknown reasons, to the effect that a “triangular piece of land” at the residence might have been stolen and sold to the Ambassador’s neighbor. The story generated a huge interest among Kenyans in Sweden and abroad and KSB has been ambushed with emails from Kenyans around the world seeking further details.

The ODM-K Scandinavia inspection tour will take place on Saturday December 2nd at 15.00. Speaking to KSB, Mr. Dancan Munala, the Party’s Secretary, said that ODM-K Scandinavia will officially inform the Embassy about the tour through a letter to the Ambassador.

“ODM-K Scandinavia will give the Ambassador official notification in writing because as far as our Party is concerned, the tour is official”, Mr. Munala told KSB.

He said that the tour is not a demonstration and that as per Swedish law, a permit is not required. Mr. Munala said that the compound of the Kenyan Ambassador is Kenyan territory and that since the tour does not amount to a protest action, Kenyans interested in being part of it have an obligation to respect the residence by abstaining from any uncalled for behavior.

“We hope that the Ambassador will be available for a friendly chit chat but if she isn’t, we will simply survey the compound and leave peacefully”, said Mr. Munala.

The ODM-K Scandinavia stalwart said that allegations of land grabbing at the residence were serious and added that his party is awaiting for communication from the Swedish authorities about a request the Party placed for a land map of the residence.

Since the story broke out, the Embassy has remained tight-lipped over the allegations although Mr. Njenga has reported that there have been moves orchestrated by Kenyans with links to the Embassy to intimidate him so that he can retract his story. Mr. Njenga told KSB that he stands by his story “because the truth never burns”.

In the meantime, ODM-K Scandinavia has opened a campaign for the Embassy to settle Mr. Njenga’s unpaid salary for work he did at the residence of the late diplomat James Kiboi. According to Mr. Njenga, the Embassy owes him 10.000 kr which he was supposed to be paid before Mr. Kiboi died in a house inferno in Norway on 10th September.

Mr. Munala told KSB that ODM-K Scandinavia has gathered all details related to the case and that the party will open communication with the Embassy next week to discuss the issue with a view to reaching a peaceful settlement.

“Labor issues are very sensitive in Sweden and since there appears to be evidence that Mr. Njenga’s labor input has not yet been paid for, we hope that the Embassy will look at the matter more seriously”, Mr. Munala told KSB.

“Our strategy is not confrontation. We want to hear the version of the Kenyan Embassy over the issue. If the Embassy owes Mr. Njenga money, he needs to be paid”, said Mr. Munala.

Okoth Osewe: makosewe@gmail.com

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