Vote of Thanks From the Late Mzee Oyuga’s Family in Stockholm


As many Kenyans in Stockholm will remember, the family of Lawi Oyuga and Jacquie Oyuga, two Kenya-Stockholmers, lost their dad, Mzee Joash Oyuga, a few weeks ago. Consequently, friends relatives, well-wishers and sympathizers joined the family to mourn and condole with them. It was a difficult time but the presence of companionship gave the bereaved members of the Oyuga family great courage and solace at their greatest time of need.

Both Lawi and Jacquie would hereby like to thank all friends who showed up to be with them during a sad moment marked with mourning and grief.

Mzee Oyuga was finally laid to rest and what remains now are fond and beautiful memories of Mzee Oyuga of a life well-lived. Many thanks to all those who spent many hours with the family at their home in Stockholm; great appreciation for all the messages of condolences that played a big role in reminding the family that they were loved; a message of thanks to all those who showed solidarity emotionally or financially including all those good people who encouraged and prayed for the family following the loss of a very special family member – a father.

Most importantly, a message of thanks also goes to all friends and relatives who participated in various ways to ensure that Mzee Oyuga got a wonderful send-off. The family greatly appreciates the roles that were played by everyone before, during and after the funeral. Mzee Oyuga has gone to meet his maker but leaves behind great children and grand-children who will for ever remember him. May Mazee Oyuga’s soul rest in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe

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