Late Susan Mwikali Fund Raising on Saturday 11th February

Once again, death has struck Kenya-Stockholm and the community is in mourning. Susan Mwikali, a Kenyan woman, passed away on January 23rd to be with her maker after a long illness.img_8006

Susan is the sister to Juliet Kavinga, a Kenyan woman who was murdered by a Swedish Neo-Nazi in July 2005 after which the killer was set free by a Swedish court. Susan came to Sweden to follow up on what had happened to her sister but now, she is also gone. Her sister Juliet was seven months pregnant when she was murdered.

Consequently, friends, sympathizers and well-wishers will meet on Saturday, 11th February at Skarpnäck Allé 31 at Skarpnäck Church to fund raise so that Susan’s body can be transported to Kenya for burial. The funds drive will be held between 15.00-21.00 hrs. Following Susan’s passing, a “Family Support Committee” was set up by Kenyans of good will to help the family with the task of transporting Susan’s body to Kenya.

The Committee, which was established at a well-attended meeting last week, is headed by Pastor Samson and is in touch with Susan’s family back home. The family has pleaded that they would like Susan’s body to be transported to Kenya so that she can be accorded her final burial rights according to the Kamba culture. Since the Kenyan Embassy never transports the remains of fallen citizens,

Currently, the amount needed to transport the remains of a person to Kenya ranges from 50-60k. Well-wishers who will be unable to attend the fund raising can Swish their contributions to 0763985259. For further information, call the same number.

At KSB, we send deep condolences to the bereaved family of the late Susan.  We hope that the family will have the strength and courage to go through this very difficult moment marked with great grief and sorrow. Although friends have been aware about Susan’s ailment, her death came too soon and as a big surprise.

Susan was a kind-hearted, jovial and generous person with a welcoming personality. Despite her ailment which confined her to a wheel-chair, she remained strong as she struggled with her debilitating ailment. She is an example that despite the difficulties we may face especially with health problems, there is still a life to be lived.

In her case, everyday did not just count but was a big effort and as she faced her tough situation with unmatched courage and humbling humility. Although she is gone, her bright smiles will remain embedded in the memories of all those who managed to interact with her during her difficult days of sickness. Susan is survived by three children, and a grand-child. May the Almighty God rest Susan’s Soul in Eternal Peace until the day that all humanity gathers before God ahead of the final judgement.

Okoth Osewe

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  • The Kenya Ambassador in Stockholm mr Sang was Susan Mwikali boyfriend why is he hiding his head inside the sand?Can t6he Susan commitee members interupt with the Kenyan ambassador in Stockholm a mr Sang!

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