Challenging Mutahi Ngunyi: NASA is not Uhuru Kenyatta’s Creation


After weaving a deceptive theory of tyranny of numbers which failed in 2013, forcing the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel to rig elections, Mutahi Ngunyi has changed his propaganda tactics ahead of the August elections.

This time round, he has surfaced with a series of video messages, not just to undermine Raila Odinga’s Presidential bid but also to try and split the opposition or prevent the opposition from uniting against the corrupt Jubilee government.

Ngunyi has come up with a new pro-Jubilee propaganda out-post which he calls Fort Hall School of Government. Strangely, Ngunyi seem to be having a field day because despite the endless flow of lies he continues to spew through this new channel, he is facing no intellectual challenge. It is for this reason that I have taken it upon myself to expose Ngunyi and his political kids. A constant theme in Ngunyi’s videos can easily be deciphered as follows.

1. Although Raila is the most popular candidate in the opposition and the most likely force that will no doubt dethrone Uhuru Kenyatta, Mutahi Ngunyi’s analysis always places Raila in a losing position.

2. Even if he comes up with a so-called theory that favours Raila Odinga (complete with a pro-Raila headline), he twists narrative at the end in a way that leaves Raila at a disadvantage or in a losing position.

3. Ngunyi hides under academia and pretends to apply theories and hypotheses but in reality, he simply makes claims without factual backup and allows these claims to solidify into facts which he then uses to reach a conclusion. This is called sophistry, a kind of deception which has nothing to do with political theories.

4. He brings his political kids, not to help in presenting the arguments, but to fallaciously blow the persistent lies. The role of the kids is to back up the lies and increase Mutahi’s authority. Mutahi’s thesis is then presented as the product of team-work when in reality, his kids are simply regurgitating every script that Ngunyi has vomited into their consciousness.

Mutahi Ngunyi needs to be confronted because it is important that facts are not twisted to the advantage of either the Jubilee government or the Opposition. Apart from the need for a free, fair, credible and verifiable election, it is crucial that the winner does so on the basis of correct information and not on the basis of twisted logic akin to what Mutahi Ngunyi is peddling on Youtube. This is why Mutahi needs to be questioned and challenged. His bogus theories should not go without opposition.

Okoth Osewe


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