Mutahi Ngunyi Fights Back! Pulls Critical Video from Youtube


Although Mutahi Ngunyi criticizes others, he does not want to be criticized. This observation emerged when Mutahi filed a copyright violation to remove a video in which I had challenged him on the wild claims he routinely makes on Kenyan politics with abandon.

The basis of Mutahi’s complaint to Youtube was that clips from his video had been used without his permission.

The clips were used under the “fair use” clause applicable to researchers, critics, analysts or for any educational purposes.

Just like in a book critique where the critic quotes a writer in order to challenge a claim, criticism of information contained in a video can also be done by either playing a clip from the video or quoting from a clip.

Unlike typical copyright violations, Mutahi’s video was not uploaded in its entirety for purposes of making or implying production claims on the part of the uploader.

Potions that were played contained presentations that were being challenged. This is common practice. By filing an opportunistic copyright claim to remove the challenge from Youtube, Mutahi has demonstrated three fundamental orientations about his personality. That:

1. He is intolerant to criticism and challenge at the idea level.
2. He would like to sustain a one-sided and biased view of political reality in Kenya
3. He feels intimidated that his monopoly of political analysis of Kenyan politics on Youtube is threatened

It is absurd that Mutahi is actively living in the past and thinks that it is possible to keep certain ideas from the public as had been witnessed during Moi’s era of seditious publications in the 80s.

In 2013, mutahi weaved a fake tyranny of numbers that led to the rigging of the 2013 elections. While several Kenyans challenged him by publishing rebuttals on blogs and other social media outlets, no one confronted or challenged Mutahi’s lop-sided views on Youtube.

This time round, Mutahi’s agenda is multifaceted. His biggest brief from the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel where he gets instructions is to:

1. Demonize Raila Odinga and portray him as unelectable
2. Discredit Raila Odinga as the main challenger who can send Uhuru Kenyatta home
3. Encourage or instigate opposition split to give Jubilee an advantage

This strategy explains why in Mutahi’s world, Raila is always at the bottom of the race while Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi are always being encouraged to go it alone even though it is a known fact that any opposition politician trying to go it alone will be sabotaging the mass movement bent on sending Jubilee home.

Similarly, in Mutahi’s distorted world view, key opposition politicians like Hassan Joho, Farah Mohammed, Isaack Ruto, Gideon Moi, Johnstone Muthama, Bonny Khalwale and others do not exist.

These politicians have conveniently been curved out of Mutahi’s warped analysis because if they are factored in, Mutahi’s so called hypotheses will be downgraded from being ridiculous to being laughable.

At the moment, Mutahi has succeeded in keeping an opposing view out of Youtube with an unwarranted copyright claim. However, this is only temporary because I will be back!

Okoth Osewe

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