The Ksh 5 Billion Health Scandal and 14 Crooks Fit for Custody and Interrogation


Ms Kenyatta, Uhuru’s sister named in the scandal

A new corruption scandal has just rocked the Uhuru government a few weeks after the President confessed publicly that he doesn’t know what to do about corruption in his government. Because of the corrupt nature of capitalist regimes and their ruling classes, it is just a matter of time before another corruption scandals explodes in the media. In the meantime, why does the capitalist ruling class find it difficult to fight corruption? The answer is simple.

Under capitalism, members of the corrupt ruling class usually protect their corrupt counterparts because the top leadership is usually a beneficiary of corruption. The involvement of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sister and cousin in the Sh 5 billion scandal at the Ministry of Health is evidence that the President knew about it. He cannot take relatives and friends to court because they will name him.

Secondly, corruption is part of capitalism because the system encourages personal greed, wealth grabbing and illegal wealth accumulation. An Officer in charge of huge amounts of money is usually prone to temptation to steal. Conspiracy with ruling class members at the top is usually key to pulling a mega corrupt deal. The latest scandal is no exception.

This video names government officials together with corrupt business accomplices who have been publicly linked to the Ksh 5 billion scandal. The video deplores the fact that after every corruption scandal has erupted in the media, opposition politicians and commentators alike are always quick to call on the corrupt to step aside so that investigations can be conducted. From the point of view of KRA, such crooks should be rounded up and taken into custody immediately as investigations begin. You cannot investigate a suspected criminal who has just looted billions of shillings and is still at large spending the loot.

It is the position of KRA that to end corruption, those found guilty must either be sent to prison for life or executed. Secondly, the system of capitalism under which corruption thrives must be abolished and replaced with a democratic socialist system of government.

The agenda of KRA is to explain why capitalism is not working in Kenya, to provide a socialist political alternative and to give direction towards the democratic socialist revolution to replace rotten capitalism. The system only promotes mass poverty, mass unemployment, mass deprivation and suffering of millions of Kenyans while perpetuating mega theft of public resources through the conniving of corrupt ruling class members like Uhuru Kenyatta, his relatives and corrupt acquaintances. The system is corrupt from top to bottom and is ripe for overthrow.

To abolish the system, a democratic socialist revolution must be organized and the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) is the organization. Join the organization and help send the corrupt to jail or see them being hanged at Uhuru Park with guitar wires. Kenya needs to be sorted to end the dehumanizing conditions in which citizens live in absolute deprivation as the wealth-grabbing tumbo kubwas continue to steal and eat meat.

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