Blood-Spilling Outside IEBC as Police Brutalize a Cord Protester


A man bleeds profusely after being beaten by police in today’s protests outside IEBC offices to try and eject IEBC Commissioners out of office ahead of the 2017 polls. Raila Odinga, Cord leader, looks on, seemingly shocked at the level of police brutality on peaceful demonstrators exercising their right to Assembly guaranteed in the Kenyan Constitution.

In that same police battles with protesters today, a car belonging to Raila Odinga was shot at by police with the bullet leaving a mark on the windscreen of Raila’s car. The demonstrators were dispersed with tear gas for a fourth time running. CORD has threatened to boycott elections scheduled for August 2017 arguing that IEBC has been compromised and cannot conduct credible elections.

Okoth Osewe

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