Racist Ebola Notice Blocking Africans from Entry Into a Pub in South Korea



  • Racism in South Korea
  • Being black in South Korea
  • Starvation in Juja

    Juja residents claim 70-year-old woman died of hunger

    Updated Tuesday, August 19th 2014 at 17:41 GMT +3

    KIAMBU, KENYA: Residents of Theta ward in Juja sub county in Kiambu claim that a woman has died of hunger.

    They are now crying for relief food as hunger continues to bite in the dry area.

    Residents of Kimbo Village, which is one of the most affected by starvation, claimed a 70 year-old elderly woman after going without food for days.

    The villagers further claimed many more residents are facing starvation and called for emergency food relief to prevent losing more lives to hunger.

    According to Jacinta Wangui, a resident, the elderly woman died due to starvation after she allegedly stayed for close to one week without food.

    Theta Chief Peter Kamau acknowledged there is severe hunger in the area saying more than 2000 residents are in dire need of emergency relief food.

    The chief however denied that there was a person who has lost his or her life in the area as a result of starvation.

    “It is true the area is experiencing starvation but we do not yet know of any death as a result of starvation. I call upon on residents to stop making alarming allegations, ” the chief said.

    He said he has already raised the issue with the government though no help has been forthcoming yet.

  • This is the real Ebola Virus ……

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