Orkarinte’s Second Container Despatch to Kenya Leaves on 26th August 2014

orkarinte containerContainer shipment of goods to Kenya has just hit a new peak. According to the proprietor of Orkar-Inte Container Services, the next shipment will leave Stockholm for Kenya on Tuesday, 26th August 2014. All customers intending to ship their packages are therefore encouraged to pack their goods and send them to Okarinte as soon as possible. Customers who used the service during the last shipment reported safe arrival of goods, all cleared by customs.

For prospective customers who have inquired about the delivery method of packages to different destinations in Kenya, the answer is simple. Once the packages arrive in Kenya, the container winds up at Embakasi container deport in Nairobi from where designated recipients can collect their packages.

According to Clay Onyango, the proprietor of Orkarinte who spoke to KSB, the service does not include transporting packages to Nyalgunga, Lokichogio, Pandpieri, Kario-Bangi and other destinations in Kenya’s interior. The deal is that all packages must be collected from Embakasi in Nairobi.

Clay told KSB that although arrangements can be made to deliver the packages anywhere in Kenya, the service is still not available because of many complications. He said that the key obstacle to such a service would be a dramatic increase in shipping prices, a development which, he said, would beat the very intention of the service.

Secondly, Clay said that with extended delivery services, the risk of theft and goods getting lost along the way would be very high. “My Company does not want a situation where goods get lost on the way”, Clay told KSB. “At the moment, we can only guarantee that the goods will get to Nairobi and that they will be delivered to recipients without fail”, he said.

Once the container leaves Stockholm on 26th August, estimated time of arrival in Kenya is 10th October. Goods that are acceptable include building materials, electronics (including TV sets), furniture, clothes and an assortment of other goods.

For customers intending to send goods, the container will be parked at Frihamnsgatan 7 at Frihamnen in Stockholm from 22nd August to 26th August from 12.00 sharp. Customers are advised to call Orkarinte and book space to avoid last minute disappointments. The number to call is 0762103117 or inbox Orkarinte via Facebook. While booking space, clients will be required to make a deposit of an agreed amount.

The price list is as follows: A single normal moving box is 600kr no matter how many kilos it weighs. A 40-60 inch TV set costs 3000kr while a bicycle costs 1500kr. The safety of good is guaranteed once packed while all packages must be accompanied with a detailed dispatch list describing the content of any booked package.

Okoth Osewe


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    De Villiers’ visit to Russia

    Philippe de Villiers visited the Russian Federation last week to discuss plans aimed at establishing theme parks dedicated to Russian history. According to the politician, he was deeply impressed by a meeting in Crimea with President Vladimir Putin.

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    Crisis in EU-Russia relations can linger on — Denmark FM
    De Villiers was repeatedly elected to the National Assembly of France and the European Parliament; he was a member of the French government as State Secretary for Cultural Affairs. He founded the famous “Puy du Fou” park in Vendee dedicated to the history of France and Europe. About two million people visit the park every year.

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