Reader Request: Police Killings: Should Kenyans Be Asking Questions?


  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Only in Kenya where the Citizens doesn’t ask question ,the govt wants her people to swallow every word ,shit they preach to Wananchi as they call Kenyan people.Kenyans lives in darkness waiting the Messiah to come and save them from their sins, Kenyans should learn to question even what is written in the Bible ,hence it was published by human beings some cannot be trusted..This a very encouranging Video thet is challanging the sleeping and brain-washed Kenyans to be asking questions when goverment is killing the youth who are educated and jobless when every Dick& Tom in Kenya exploits the poor and illitrate citizens.Unite and Say no to killings .Stand up and fight for your rights.

  • Kikuyu /Luo hate campaigns has reached the highest Point>read from Uhurus Toilet Paper(Kameme FM)

  • Adolf Hitler meets Mussolini Missing is the only Japanese General Hirohito and grab the world by Violence Force>

  • Hague Guard in Waiting

    UHURU/RUTO GOVT has big problems with EU/USA>

  • Charles Mugere

    Look how (Kenya (Niggers aka Kaffirs) are being exploited by Arab Paedophilias while Kenya Ambassador (who is not a Kenyan )but a Somali is trading with his brethren Arabs in enslaving Wakenya Wanjinga who cannot read and write and are forced to sign agreements worse than in hell! Watch the Video and see How Kenya Nigger Cabinet Ministers are loughing like idiots when discussing serious National matters(Kanjwan’g)the most stupid minister who served in Kenya since indepedence>

  • Demyo Demyonyut

    UHURU&RUTO May turn to North Korea A Countryadmired by Many for her Strong leadesrs and dedicated Citizens>

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    The Kenya Govt of Wanted Thugs by the ICC is showing its true colors by Torching the poor and oppressed Masa-ifamilies in Naivasha who are being forcifully evicted to pave way for Uhuru Kenyatta Tribes(kikuyus) So that the Kikuyu can occupy the Masai-land!

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Watch it in Swahili>

  • Dunia ni Dwala.

    Read and see The Country has gone to the dogs>everything sold in kenya shops is fake!>read for yourselves>

  • Fear of Freedom & democracy.

    Masai must take up arms and fight a Nigger govt worse than Colonialists>

  • Nichima konzi.

    Save these illitrates Cowards who cant take up arms and defend theit families>

  • Mudavadi brother caught red-handed having Sex with a 4-legged&a long teil dog>

  • This Guy should Move and settle in Kenya hence in Kenya such weightis regarded money >You must be a millionair and a sign of eating Kenya the wealth rich tycoons feeds on each ((goat)IE: a single woman ests a full goat!Go to Kenya and see how huge/Big/mammoth ass both men & women carry!>

  • Mtu Mwirichia (Miraa(Khat- farmer)

    Can Uhuru/Ruto govt reciprocate>Ask yourselves How many Btish Citizen lives illegally in Kenya ,especially british pensioners/former Army Officers etc ?>The message is blunt and direct. Mobile billboards calling upon illegal immigrants to leave the United Kingdom are seen on city streets. Predictably, they have drawn strong criticism by many. While campaign backers have hailed the initiative as an “alternative to arrest,” critics decry the adverts as outright “intimidation.”

    LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – Billboards emblazoned with the slogan “Go home or face arrest” are being driven around London boroughs.

    “In the U.K. illegally? Go home or face arrest,” the full message reads. A hotline number is also provided where illegal immigrants can receive help and advice with travel documents. Leaflets and posters are also planned to be distributed in tandem with the billboard vans in the targeted boroughs.

    British Immigration Minister Mark Harper has described the new initiative as “an alternative to being led away in handcuffs.

    “Every single day our enforcement officers are arresting, detaining and removing people with no right to be in the UK,” Harper says. He says that the mobile billboards are part of a new push to make it more difficult for people to live and work in the U.K. illegally. According to U.K. government figures, 28,000 illegal immigrants voluntarily left the U.K. last year.

    There are a number of reforms are set to be introduced to combat illegal immigration in the U.K, including a $4,600 bond which selected visitors from certain countries will be required to pay upon applying for a British visa. The bond will be returned to visitors from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nigeria and Ghana when they leave the country. This policy will come into effect this November of this year.

    Debate has raged in U.K. society, with many politicians up in arms over what they have condemned as “intimidation” from the British government.

    “I fear that the only impact of this deeply divisive form of politics will be to create tension and mistrust to anyone who looks and sounds foreign,” Ex-minister Sarah Teather said, as she attacked the Home Office to reporters. She described the billboards as “nothing less than straightforward intimidation.”

    In response, Minister Baroness Hanham defended the billboards in the House of Lords, maintaining that they tackle “the reality of the situation that there are people coming here without jobs and without accommodation.”

    The vans are set to be deployed in some of London’s more diverse boroughs, including Hounslow, Barking and Dagenham, Ealing, Barnet, Brent and Redbridge. These communities were chosen as they have a below average number of voluntary returns according to the Home Office.

    Counselor in the London borough of Brent, Muhhamed Butt warns that these measures are likely to backfire on the Home Office and push illegal immigrants “further underground.

    “I just cannot see how this trick they are trying to use to flush out people is going to work,” Butt said. “There is bound to be some impact on the community where people feel stigmatized, isolated and divided.”

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  • Hindush Kushi

    North Korea is Un-beatable!USA cannot dare attack The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea>Watch the Video>(People’s Socialist Republic) (Communists)

  • A brother to Ndegwa Muhoro Kenya’s CID boss was caught having sex with a Hen(Chicken)

  • Illitrate Masai Leaders treated like Dogs by UHURU/RUTO Criminal govt>The Minister for security is a Masai who oversaw hired Mungiki (kikuyu Thugs) invading Masai killing them and burning their houses (manyattas) A foolish English speaking young Masai mimister (The stupid Masai Minister kept quiet when his mothers &sisters were raped ,their houses torched .his old tribesmen murded in cold-blood by Kikuyu hired youth from Uhuru tribe Yet this Masai-fools goes on Praising Kikuyu/Kalenjin Corrupt Govt >Masai should declare Laikipia/Ngong/Kajiando a no go zone and evict all Kikuyu invaders! Masai should seek help from TZ Masais and arm themselves to protect their Land>In 10/20 years there will never be a Masai-land left in Kenya!

  • Take them away>Rewind to 30th Mar., 1981. Ronald Regan was shot and critically injured. He is on the operation table. The lead surgeon comes over and greets, and assures the president he is in good hands. Regan asks, ” Are you a Republican?” The doc replies, “No, Mr. President, I am a Democrat. But today all Americans, including me are Republicans!”

    Adama should accept that the situation above won’t be replicated if Uhuru-Ruto asked a PEV victim or an ICC prosecution witness a similar question. The answer can be hurting to them. They should not expect the whole country lining up to proclaim solidarity with them, for they stand trial not as the President and the Deputy President of Kenya. Kenya’s sovereignty is therefore not on trial, either.

    Let them walk hand-in-hand to the Hague as ordinary Kenyans, Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto, trusting their lawyers can extricate them out of the quagmire at the end of it all.

    I earnestly hope, the duo wouldn’t think like Luis XV of France who predicted: “After me, the deluge” (“Après moi, le déluge”).

  • If I was Barack Obama I would (Must) overhrow Uhuru/Kenyatta & Ruto government>

  • Should Kenyans be asking questions Yes>

  • Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mr. Felix Koskei has accused the opposition of economic sabotage and inciting Kenyans against the Jubilee government.

    Koskei however warned that the government will deal ruthlessly with troubleshooters arguing that the country needs peace after the polls last March.

    He said the government is demanding for peace to fulfill its promises to Kenyans and told off those criticizing the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

    Behaving like a defender of the government, Koskei asked the opposition leaders discrediting the government to stop or face the severe consequences.

    “The government is demanding for peace and those talking ill of the government should stop forthwith or ruthlessly be dealt with,” he warned.

    Koskei accused some unnamed opposition leaders of frustrating government efforts through public incitement.

    “Those frustrating government efforts to fulfill its promises and sabotaging economy will not be spared. The election was over and we have a legitimate government in place,” explained Koskei when he launched a new seed maize variety developed by the Agricultural Development Corporation ADC in Trans-Nzoia County.

  • Kiboko Za Tyranny Of Numbers (Kikuyu/Lumbwa) Dominance>

  • The Drug Baron in Kenya and now The Kiambu Governor who has Licence to kill is threatening Kiambu people of dire consequences if they Question the Leadership of UHURUKENYATTA/RUTOKIAMBU Governor William Kabogo has warned the county representatives of dire consequences if they oppose The National Alliance party ideologies and agenda.

    Kabogo said every governor elected on a TNA ticket assumes the duty of the party’s patron at the county level, representing the leader, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    He was speaking during the swearing in of five of the seven members of the county Public Service Board held at Kiambu headquarters grounds yesterday. He was accompanied by his deputy, Gerald Githinji.

    “I belong to TNA and I am the leader of the party in this county. The other top leader is Uhuru and I respect him so much because he is my President,” said Kabogo.

    “So those who are in our party should respect the rules of the party and give it a good image.” He warned the assembly members that if they fail to follow and observe the party rules, they will be disciplined in a way they will not like.

    “We will write to you a letter and it will not be a love letter, so let’s take Kiambu to the next level of development,” said Kabogo. He called upon the county PSB to quickly do an audit of the entire county offices to rid out ghost workers who could have been working in the now defunct county and municipal councils.

    “Our wage bill is Sh4.8 billion out of the Sh6.2 billion from the national government, we want a quick audit and all ghost workers sent away. We believe you will be able to work well and avoid corruption,” said Kabogo.


  • Syokimau survivors
  • After the artificial collapse of the Red USSR,now the masons carry out the collaps of Blue USA trough the banks, because in future the bipolar world will be China and EU…USA will become an average country just like Britain, France, Spain and Portugal the last big colonial powers…Thanks to the PRECESSION,we’ll enjoy SOCIALISM in the Golden Age, as the middle road between the extreme left (communism) and the extreme right (crude capitalism)…And China has currently communist government with crude capitalist economy of “perestroika”…The outcome will be a HARMONIOUS SOCIALISM and HUMAN SOCIETY…It will take over 1 000 years before the USA would become a superpower again…But in 1000 years there will be a totally different world and people…

  • Henry Shigondi

    Watch these Primitive Lumbwa Youth >

  • Liziki Murovia

    Watch Kikuyu Prostitutes Going for Sexual orgies in the Devilish mts>

  • Fred neitze Smidtze

    Uhuru/ Ruto govt threatening Doctors if they dare call a strike>

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Look how foolish these Kikuyu-Sub-tribes are !One of their Semi-illitrate Lawyers (Kiraitu Murungi)is lying and deceiving Meru Communities how he&coy are going to force the British govt to change their Policy on drugs entering UK.What this foolish and stupid Nigroe is failing to notice is that ,not only the UK that has banned (Khat)but Holland /Sweden/Denmark (EU)has followed the suite>Watch the Video and judge these half-baked barbarian intellectuals>

  • Jamlick Wambare.

    Uhuru&Ruto Nyanga’u>

  • How can Uhuru&Ruto expect Americans to invest in a coutry where there is no security/Mega corruption & policemen ready to Rape & kill your wife/daughter?

  • With a thieving Govt of Uhur&Ruto Kenyan children suffers from tape-worms,Jiggers and Ring-worms (Minyoo)

  • Naaman Benhonido

    Kikuyu Napiga Watu Mkonyeto Nairobi>

  • Oh My God Save these exploited (Kaffirs) for they don’t know what they are digging) where are the Huge Machines?Is this not a Propaganda?How much money one can gain through digging with matchets? God you rally cursed black Niggers& Kaffirs)!

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