Margaret Maragwa to Release Damaging Video on Göran Skåg

Margaret Maragwa: To release damaging video on Göran.

Margaret Maragwa: To release damaging video on Göran.

I am not an alcoholic and I am not planning to be one soon. I can’t lower my dignity because I value my life just like anybody else in this world. I am not scared about venturing into new ground. I am a responsible mom of two children and I care about my kids.

What people do not know about Göran is that he is a jealous man who does not want my progress. He told the court that I am a loving and caring woman as opposed to what he tells KSB. The truth is that Göran is a hypocrite. I cannot harm a housefly so how could I have beaten Göran. On the contrary, it is actually Göran who is an alcoholic and who desperately needs both intervention and rehab.

Göran is a rapist and cunning player who used to bring women in my house and in my presence. Which woman can live with such a man?  The best Göran should do now is to leave me alone so that he can continue to rebuild his tattered life. Göran is useless and to be honest, no woman can live with him.

I have my own life and at the moment, I am very comfortable despite the Göran engineered discrimination, torture and humiliation for a while. If it is true that I was mean to him, why is he jealous of me and trying to crucify even my friends? Am working on a video that I will release soon about Görans behavior. The video will expose him once and for all. He belongs to the dustbin.

Margaret Maragwa


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