Nyambu’s Storo Exhumed By Her Kenyan Friend Grace: “What Goes Around Comes Around”


Nyambu in them days

I am shocked to know that people came to know the truth about Nyambu but what has shocked me the most is to hear that Nyambu did throw out a lady and baby out of the house in the middle of the night. This is because just before she left for Sweden, I had just had a fight with my hubby and because Nyambu’s mom is my aunt, she asked me to go and stay at her house in Juja for some days. She wanted to know how she could help me move on with my life.

After 2 days, Nyambu came back home late at around 1.30 am. I still don’t know what her the Wambu, and Jojo told her but when she came, I was asleep. Soon, I was woken up by my aunt’s screams then Nyambu came to the room I was sleeping and told me to pick up my kid and go away. I don’t know what happened to my aunt or why she was screaming.

By then, my son was almost 1 year old and as I was packing my bags, Nyambu called me all sorts of names. The sad thing is that I did not even have bus fare while I did not know Juja at all. As I walked out of the gate, I could hear children laughing at me and trying to make the dog to come after me but I thank God it never did. I wanted to share this story with KSB readers because what goes around comes around.

Grace W.

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