Atlentico Stars Support Gig at Bagarmossen in Stockholm: 10/5

atlantico stars


  • A true Patriot Kenyan.

    How long will Kenyans live with left-overs from either dead people or sick people! Kenyans must do away with help)mentality. Kenya is one of the Most richest country in Africa>Today Kenya government is ready to pay 125 billions to ghost companies the so called Anglo-Leasing Mega Scandle! On the other hand Kenya is Building One of The biggest Raiway Construction in Africa where the Price of building a kilometer of that railwat -line is costing Kenya-tax-payers a 6billion (per kilometer. How comes you are appealing to Swedes to contribute their underwears to Kenyans >Shame and please do away with such slave mentality. Of saindia Maskini aka Tunaomba serikali.

  • Signow Mukanda

    Respect my wife What sort of an African everybody woman> enjoy love in Africa

  • Keen Observer

    Kidero Finito Kweli Ghenya iko Wenyewe>

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