Githuku wa Muirani: I am Not a Member of The “Kenya at 50 Committee”

Githuku wa Muirani: I was not consulted on the organization of Kenya at 50.

Githuku wa Muirani: I was not consulted on the organization of Kenya at 50 celebrations.

Mr. Githuku wa Muirani, a Kenyan resident in Stockholm, has said that he is not a member of any group or Committee that may have been involved in the organization of “Kenya at 50 Celebrations” scheduled for Friday, 13th December at the controversial Husby Träff in the violence-prone ghetto suburbs of Stockholm. Speaking to KSB on telephone, Muirani said that a group photo in which he appears and which was published at KSB in relation to the Kenya at 50 scandal could give the impression that he was part of the team that planned the event.

“I wish to state that I am not part of any group or Committee that may have planned the event”, Mr. Muirani told KSB. The Kenyan said that he would like to dissociate himself with any real or imagined group that may have organized the event, adding that he gathered the news at KSB, just like other readers.

Mr. Muirani said that during the courtesy call they made to Ambassador Dr. Joseph Sang’s office a few weeks ago, the agenda was to touch base with the Ambassador and not to discuss the Kenya at 50 event. “The issue was never mentioned”, he said.

“My understanding was that the Committee which was to be formed by the Ambassador was to be made public and at the time details of the celebrations emerged at KSB, I was still waiting to see the composition of the Committee”, Mr. Muirani said.

Muirani said that since their meeting with the Ambassador, there has been no further consultation between him and the Embassy on the Jamhuri celebrations, stressing that his key interest following the association of the group photo with the story is to straighten the record.

The Ambassador is currently wallowing in hot soup after it emerged that he scheduled the Jamhuri celebrations at Husby Träff, an inferior venue as opposed to hosting it at a Five Star hotel in Stockholm’s city centre. Although the Ambassador’s Secretary promised that her boss would call to answer questions which had emerged, Dr. Sang has so far remained at large.

Traditionally, the Ambassador has tweeted whenever there is a key public issue being discussed or telephoned relevant Kenyans to state his position but on the questions which have so far emerged, Dr Sang’s tweets have ran dry.

Apart from the venue problem, Dr. Sang is also wanted to state the budget for the celebrations, explain why he fixed Jamhuri on 13th December (the main day is December 12th), clarify whether there will be food and drinks, explain the whereabouts of the Kenya-Diaspora Committee he was supposed to set up to organize the event and explain why no program has so far been released in relation to the planned celebrations.

Further, Kenyans who have contacted KSB would like the Ambassador to clarify why no Kenyan artists have so far been invited to entertain the guests, state whether the Stockholm’s diplomatic community will be entertained at a Five Star hotel on 12th December as per rumours and make a full account as to why the event will run for just four hours when Kenyans had expected an all-night bash laced with latest Kenyan music with Kenyan DJs throbbing the guests as celebrations rise to a climax. The Ambassador has a long list of maswali to answer.

Okoth Osewe


  • Sang the kaa ngumu man

    Bwana Muirani did well to dissociate himself from the so-called Kenya at 50 planning group. Ambassador Sang is as elusive as an eel because he should have declared publicly members of the committee since he had asked to meet Kenyans for this purpose. But with his tweets remaining dead cold, he seems to be taking Purity’s way if ku kaa ngumu. But wearing a thick skin won’t help this situation. He should face Kenyans like a true warrior.

  • Wonder who convinced Sang to book Husby Träff. No wonder corruption is high in various Kenyan embassies. SangGate is brewing!

  • Sang anahara mawe vile amepatikana.

  • Stockholm Political Bureau

    It is totaly wrong to promote illitrates (primitives) to represent a country like kenya in Scandinavian countries that are known to respect human rights.And do not forget that Scandinavian countries is where Nobel Prize are officiated hence their long history of peace eg. For the last 200 years Sweden has never had wars with her neigbours . It is a peaceful Nation where one finds refugees from all world horns living in peace with their neigbours.
    Mr Sang should come in the open and talk to Kenyans in stockholm, hiding his head in the sand won’t help.

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