Ambassador Joseph Sang Should Answer Key Questions About Kenya at 50 Celebrations

ambassador sang meeting

Ambassador Joseph Sang (3rd Right) with a group of Kenyans who paid a call on him at the Embassy. Hopes were high that he would set up a “Kenya at 50 Committee” which never materialized and now, Jamhuri has ended up at Husby Träff.

Today, at around 14.30, I called Ambassador Dr. Joseph Sang at the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm to obtain details about the planned Jamhuri celebrations. Since he was posted to Stockholm, Ambassador Sang has shown more openness than his predecessor Wakiuri while Sang has also shown a willingness to discuss issues openly.

I called the Embassy to establish from the Ambassador certain points regarding the Friday celebration. Specifically, I wanted to know the official budget of Jamhuri to try and evaluate whether the best venue for the 50th Independence celebrations within the framework of this budget is a secluded hall in the ghetto suburbs of Stockholm city.

After being kept waiting for five minutes, the receptionist said that the Ambassador was “out of Office”. His Deputy was also “out of Office” so I was transferred to the Secretary who confirmed the absence of her bosses but promised that the Ambassador would call me as he was scheduled to return to office. What I needed to do was to leave my number which I did. She was very kind and appreciated the fact that I had called. At the time of going to blog, the Ambassador had not called while his Secretary has not bothered to give an update.

I was calling on an important issue touching on the 50th anniversary in a bid to get information that could clear several questions which have emerged since the Embassy invited members of the public to the event. For now, I will rest my case hoping that our good Ambassador will call tomorrow. This is because going underground will not be in his interest especially at a time when critical issues are being raised about a historic event whose planning appears shoddy.

In the United States, the celebrations will take place at the Hilton Crystal City Hotel VA so why should Wakenya be led to Kariobangi in Stockholm? Is there a difference in budget allocations that enables Embassies in other countries to host the event at Five Star Hotels while in Stockholm, the budget is thinned down, only leaving the possibility of Kariobangi-Stockholm City Hall as venue? How comes that for more than 20 years, Jamhuri has been celebrated at Stockholm venues befitting a national event but at the biggest celebration ever, the venue status is lowered to unacceptable levels? Surely, there must be answers from the Kenyan Embassy.

Okoth Osewe


  • Investigation Journalist.

    I wonder what sort of an ambassodor that shys wakenya,but if his advisor’s are the character’s photographed with with then, Mr Sang has gone astry.Hence the saying, show me your friend’s and i will know whom you are.How corrupt and unpatriotic is mr Sang?I think the aim of changing venue from the tradition Scandic Hotel’s to Ghetto’s is to loot kenya taxpayes their hard earned money and get rich quickly. The whole of Jubilee corrupt government is for its leaders to loot the already heavely taxed kenyan people leaving them as beggars.The Stockholm ambassador in no exemption from those who posted him to Scandinavia. Kenyan’s in Stockholm has not forgotten some of big scandle’s that has taken place inside that kenya embassy situated in Birge Jarls Gatan ,eg.The pass/port ,personal traffickings,land grabb at the Ambassador’s resident in Strand Vägen 6 in Nacka etc. Kenyans of good will should not cordon corruption perpetrated by Mr Sang and company of conmen whose some of them has never worked in Sweden but lives on exploiting the welfare of this country.

  • Huyu Sang ni jubilee damu full of ukora kama his leaders the two ICC suspects.

  • Dr Sang thought Kenyans would be quiet as he sends them to the ghetto for free booze and food. Let him celebrate alone with his loyalists. This is too cheap!

  • Eti Tweeting Sang. His account must be too cold to send replies.He has panicked and must be preparing a bunch of lies to convince Osewe.

  • Kaka sungura mjanja huyu balozi.Pesa zimemezwa!

  • makende yamekazwa

    Sang thought atakanyanga Wakenya angeuliza Purity. Mishale na mikuki yana nyesha kwake.

  • The tweeting Dr. Sang is stuck in traffic around Husby Träff so he cannot answer right now.

  • slow-roasting of Sang

    Sang is being slow-roasted with red hot-chili pepper seasoning.By the time he is ready, he will regret why he got posted to Stockholm.

  • Is good if their is good corporation in the embassy.

  • Sang thinks he is taking care of sheep and goats in Mogotio huko kwao. Hapa ni ng’ambo asicheze na watu.

  • Lushighan Lokisho

    Ambassadoe Dr, Sang Home Village and his starving tribes . To get food from Sang’s tribe is like performing miracles >That is why Mr Sang wants to loot Kenya’s taxpayers with Passion>Watch his brothers & systers skinny Folks>Oh starkas lilla folk>

  • Lushighan Lokisho

    Ambassador Dr Sang Thieving Kenya’s 50 years celebration Yet his starving negrected tribe in Kenya>

  • I met Ambassador Dr. Sang a few months ago and he seemed quite welcoming, open-minded and likeable, compared to the former Ambassador, Purity Muhindi.

    On the current issue of using Husby Träff for Kenya @50 celebrations, he should break the ice by answering Osewe’s pertinent questions. He can do so on the phone or via Twitter since Osewe called the Embassy and expected tangible feedback.

    I have talked to some Kenyan veterans who have lived in Stockholm since the 1970s and they confirmed that there has never been a Jamhuri Day fete on the outskirts of the city centre, save for the Ambassador’s official residence in Saltsjöbaden-Nacka.

    Ambassador Sang has the chance to come clean by defending why he selected Husby. However, if he chooses not to, thinking that this will go away the Kenyan style, he will be creating more avenue for criticism in whatever he does in the future. Those who want to attend the function should do so because it is within their right, given the public invitation.

  • The truth be told. Dr sang is humble man, with integrity of high intellect who has earned his appointment through sheer hard work. All comments posted here are negative and unfounded. For those that know Dr Sang, he was the most welcoming , unbiased person , with no regard for ones tribe or political affiliation. He is a true patriot who is keen on human development and progressive agenda. Please get to know the man first before spreading malicious propaganda. Let us be mature and give the man a fair chance. Let us not devalue the essence of kenyastockholm website.The ambassador is just not that man you portray him to be and that is the simple truth.

  • Stockholm Political Bureau
  • Icc support Squadron

    Hear The Boasting Of Ugandan President Kaguta Museveni how he massacred Innocent Bagandas in Luwero triangle and was not indited by the ICC in Hague?>

  • kenya data at 50

    How has Kenya changed since independence? – get the data


    Poverty levels remain high in Kenya. The country is unlikely to meet the millennium development goal (MDG) to halve extreme poverty by 2015. The most recent data suggests roughly 45% of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day, and more than 65% on less than $2.

    Note: poverty headcount ratio at $1.25/day (PPP)
    While progress has been made since 2000, when an estimated 52% of people lived on less than $1.25 a day, more people live in poverty in Kenya today than in the early 1990s.


    Kenya will also struggle to meet many health-related MDGs, despite progress in a number of areas. Child mortality rates, for example, have dropped significantly since independence. In 1963, about 175 children under five were dying per 1,000 live births; by 2011, that figure had fallen to less than 73. The proportion of people living with HIV, meanwhile, has fallen from a high of 10% in the late 1990s to 6% in 2012.

    Government spending on health remains low, at less than 6% of national expenditures in 2011, compared with 11% in neighbouring Tanzania. There are still fewer than 20 doctors per 100,000 people in Kenya, though this is significantly higher than in the 1960s, when that number was closer to eight.

    Mobile phones

    Kenya is now seen as almost synonymous with African technology and innovation. Stories about the growth of mobile phone use – and related innovations such as M-Pesa, which allows people to transfer money using a mobile phone – have played a large part in this.

    In 2012, there were more than 71 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 Kenyans – significantly more than in neighbouring Tanzania, where the figure is 57, and sub-Saharan Africa, where the average is 53. In the context of the past half-century, however, mobile phone use is still a new phenomenon.

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