Is Uhuru Kenyatta So Desperate to Shake Obama’s Hands?

uhuru bumpinto

At the Mandela memorial in South Africa where current and former world leaders congregated to pay tribute to Mandela, ICC suspect Uhuru Kenyatta accidentally met President Barack Obama on the corridors soon after Obama gave a speech at the memorial.

Uhuru’s minders are said to have quickly brought him close to Obama so that he could shake hands with a man who has been avoiding Uhuru like leprosy. According to a source, Uhuru stretched his hands towards Obama and after a few seconds of hesitation, Obama reluctantly stretched out his hand as First Lady looked on in anticipation. The matter could have ended there and no one could have known how desperate Uhuru has become on the question of contacts with Obama had Uhuru’s minders rested their case there.

As the accidental hand shake was in progress, one of Uhuru’s minders secretly seized on the opportunity to take a photo with his mobile phone but instead of just taking it easy, the Uhuru media team did what is said to have shocked the White House.

Within ten minutes, the team published the photo on Facebook “to show that Uhuru had a scheduled contact with the US President” and that the two “had fruitful discussions” on developments in Kenya. A bump-into at the corridors had been converted into a “meeting” where “discussions” even took place. This is pathetic. The big question which Kenyans have to ask themselves is this: Is Uhuru Kenyatta all that desperate to have contacts with Obama?

Okoth Osewe


  • Who is the man seated in the middle?

    KSB: That is the First Lady. She is not sitting. According to an eye witness, she was on the ground while Obama was high up. The photographer was down with her. That is why she is looking up up.

  • Uhuru Kenyatta is pathetic…

  • Investigation Committee.

    Yes Uhuru Kenyatta is not only pathetic he is crazy hence every leader from western democratic and civilized has been avoiding Uhuru Kenyatta as leprosy who is an ICC indictee in Hague for mass-murder Raping and evicting tribes forcifully using his private army/gangs of Mungiki!

  • ndugu wawili wawili wakigombana chukua jembe ukalime.i love our president and our son(as kenya)Obama.

  • Uhuru Kenyatta was desparate to hide this from Obama>Only four attackers at Westgate mall and they may have escaped alive, says NYPD

    Wednesday, December 11, 2013 – 00:00 — BY AGENCIES

    WESTGATE SIEGE: Military officers arrive for the operationOnly four men may have carried out the attack on a Kenyan mall that killed more than 60 civilians in September, and they probably escaped alive, according to an New York Police Department report made public Tuesday.The damning report also suggests that the KDF soldiers shot dead two Recce company officers and looted the mall.

    The report debunked many of the assertions made by the Kenyan authorities, who claimed that as many as 15 attackers were involved, including some who might be foreign nationals, and that they were holding hostages.

    More than 60 civilians and six soldiers died in the Sept. 21 assault by terrorists from the al Qaeda-affiliated group al Shabaab on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. After a two-day siege and a series of explosions, Kenyan authorities said they had cleared the mall and killed four attackers.

    At a Manhattan press conference Tuesday morning, New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said investigators didn’t know “with certainty” how many people were involved, “but we believe there were only four shooters.”

    The NYPD report also said the attackers carried only light weapons, and that there is no evidence any of them tried to take hostages or remained in the mall after 12:15 a.m. on Sept. 22. It also said the female British jihadi known as the “White Widow” was probably never in the mall, despite tabloid rumors, and that the Kenyan military looted the high-end shopping complex.

    Lt. Detective Commander Kevin Yorke, who prepared and presented the report, also questioned the Kenyan authorities’ theory that the attackers died when explosions collapsed portions of the mall. “As a cop, I’m very skeptical of claims until I see proof,” said Yorke, and added that there is “a lot of doubt in my mind it is true.”

    The NYPD sent several detectives to Nairobi with the New York Joint Terrorism Task Force to investigate the assault, and Yorke assembled their findings into the report.

    According to the NYPD’s reconstruction of events, the four attackers operated in two-man teams and coordinated their movements by cellphone. After throwing three grenades and entering the mall, they used AK-47s in single-fire mode to shoot their victims. More than one-third of the dead were attending a children’s cooking contest that was being held in tents in the mall’s roof parking lot. The attackers killed them within 15 minutes of arriving at the mall.

    The report said the attackers had grenades and several hundred bullets in eight magazines, but no body armor, handguns or heavy weapons. They did not try to take hostages, but killed as many victims as they could, sparing some who could recite Muslim prayers or name the Prophet Mohammed’s mother. A Russian hand grenade was found on the roof with the pin removed but unexploded.

    No women were involved. Rumors had circulated during the siege that British citizen Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of a suicide bomber who attacked the London train system and killed 26 people as part of the “7/7” plot.

    The NYPD report credits private security guards and personnel with clearing many people from the mall, though some may have fired on each other since they didn’t use badges. Some civilians “played dead” as the terrorists walked past, while others who tried to hide, many in small stores, were shot dead.

    Kenyan law enforcement initially thought they were responding to an armed robbery at the mall. The first Kenyan tactical team didn’t arrive until 1:45 p.m., about 90 minutes after the attack began, and the Kenyan police commissioner arrived at 1:50 p.m.

    The police department tactical team entered the mall at 3 p.m., without police markings or identifications, and were fired on by Kenyan soldiers, killing the commander of the unit.

    According to the NYPD report, the responding Kenyans “had no idea what the mall looked like internally,” and didn’t know they could access the closed circuit television system.

    One terrorist was shot in the leg. The shooters tilted or destroyed cameras in order to hide their whereabouts. By 6 p.m. they were in a mall storeroom near the loading docks, and waited there for six hours, tending their wounded comrade and praying. They can no longer be seen on closed circuit footage after 12:15 p.m., when the NYPD believes they slipped away.

    The siege continued for two more days. In his presentation, Yorke dismissed the Kenyan government’s claims that 10 to 15 shooters were involved or that the terrorists had created smoke by setting mattresses on fire. He said he didn’t know what had caused the mall to collapse, but said the Kenyan military may have used rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles on the building, and that heat from fires caused by the explosions may have weakened the poorly built structure.

    Yorke said that while the Kenyan military may not have killed any of the attackers, there was “significant” physical and video evidence that they had looted the mall.

  • Desperate Uhunye

    Of course Uhuru is that desperate. With the ICC yoke chocking him, this photo gives him false hope and cleanses him temporarily. He couldn’t look Obama in the eye. But Bensouda waits for him on 5th February next year.

  • does that handshake look like a desperate one, let us avoid being petty all the time. get a life further more is obama God?


  • I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT ALL THIS NONSENSE IS ABOUT – these two men, when they have long retired will still be Kenyan… and brothers.


  • Cecilia Koivisto Kari.

    You Kenyan boys and girls please stop, just stop from being black monkeys by wetting your pants and black urinated white linen shame all of you.

  • Kwani Hague Ni Kwa Ninya.

    This Uhuru Kenyatta is desparate to shake his dirty smelly hands with Obama>Uhuru Kenyatta will definetly fail in his Tukwarushane matako politics it doesn’t work that way the ICC issue is so Elephant or Mamoth>I agree with you about the Kenyan ‘media’ who are abhorrent entities that should be referred by other names because what they practice is nowhere near credible and trustworthy journalism.

    The latest prosecution application is very serious and puts the criminal run government in a fix as they will have to demonstrate that they will action the court request .

  • Obama met his president.. You’re welcome back our lost son

  • Ruth, who and what is Uhuru apart from being the son of thief Jomo who stole many acres of land from Kikuyus and other Kenyans? He inherited stolen wealth. If Uhuru ni dume he would not have shaken Obama’s hand. Look at his wife Maggy looking desperately at Obama. There are other pictures showing Uhuru cut out and far away from Obama though he sat close to him. Uhuru needs Obama more to let the world think he has a good image yet he is an ICC killer suspect.

  • Uhuru tried to use Westgate to run away from ICC yet the truth from Jicho Pevu and now the New York Police Department confirms the KDF blundered and there were only four terrorists.

  • Uhuru is lying to Ruto yet giving Kikuyus more power. But both enjoy power through corruption like suspect Ambassador Sang who has allegedly messed up with the Jamhuri Day budget in Stockholm. Never trust a hyena in a sheep’s skin.

  • Nairobi-City News Ltd.

    This is hoax there is no way Uhuru Kenyatta could be allowed by Obama security whose job is to guard one the mighty men on earth.This photo/Picture is a cut and paste! look the picture very carefully and you will notice the trick in it!
    Had Uhuru Kenyatta an ICC in Hague indictee tried to reach Obama he would be miss-handled by these USA Presidential Tough guys drawn from the Navy Seals there is no way they could have allowedA Criminal with such red eyes to come close to Obama!What is today
    in Public domain is that Uhuru wanted to deceive Yet again He has Obama blessings in his case. There is no way a USA President could dare to be photographed with a habitual criminal .President Obama is known and in the record as a Drone -Killer President who kills wanted terrorist leaders world-wide.How then Obama allow himself to be photographed with Uhuru Kenyatta the butcher of both Limuru and Naivasha?No Way its a Copy-and paste hogwash!

  • Hahahaha, I can’t help laughing at Kenyans. You were freed from the colonial yoke yet you are still colonized in your small heads!!!! Obama is hated by Americans because he has done absolutely NOTHING for them!!! Yet in Kenya you idolize him! Shame on you Kenyans!!!

  • Obama awache ujinga .

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