Invitation to Kenya at 50 Celebrations in Stockholm

kenya at 50


  • Why on 13th and not 12th ? Who will be invited by the Kenya Embassy on that special day on 12th December ? Kenyan’s in Stockholm are used to discrimination many times from the embassy . Why should the embassy always treat Kenyan’s like 2nd class citizens .These special guests that the embassy will entertain are foreigners (wasungus aka investors) who the embassy would not allow them to mingle with kenyans .Is this not discrimination of the highest order perpetrated by the embassy Mr Sang?Secondly inviting Kenyans at Kista is a wrong venue .Why not hire a Hotel in the Centre of Stockholm as it has become almost a culture and a tradition . Why did the embassy choose Kista very far from Stockoholm without considering transportation?

  • I thought Our Kenya lack intelectuals.That was not the case .After leading Willy Mutunga’s artical today ,iam convinced person today , but why? Becouse now i know some elites in both private and in public institutions knows our national problems facing the Kenyan Oppressed masses and the solutions . Mr Willy Mutunga has said it , very crystal clear. The question is ,did he learn or did he oppened his eyes after his traitorous Judgement he made, when he betrayed the Kenyan People, by declaring Uhuru Kenyatta as a winner in the last general election . when every kenyan saw it how, mts kenya mafia led by KDF,NIS CID corrupt Kikuyu-Gema general’s hijacked and interfeered with vote counting and announcement on that fateful day when the People of this Nation were robbed and conned their birthright.

  • A very good documentary, to all those who do not know how pre-independent Kenya was during mzungu. The same still applies, just replace the wazungu in dokumentary with wabenzi. Enjoy!

  • Research Institute

    Watch the Video !When Marginalized Tribes are fighting <The KikuyuRuling-class is busy looting the Natural resources of Kenya!

  • Welcoming Turists with bush-baby pigmy dancing to Msungu masters in 2013 in Kenya?

  • Just wondering what will be happening on 12th? Is the embassy hosting a first class guests who knows nothing about Kenya then 13th the ogandawalas? And by the way why kista !?

  • Freedom Fighter

    Here comes Wa-Kenya’s biggest U-jinga! When the new Kenya ambassador comes with apartheid system of boot-licking mzungu and chosen to ignore his country men/women this sends a very dangerous signal that ,Kenyan elites are the wrong people to liberate the oppressed People of Kenya or to bring about changes. Why can’t Mr Sang seek advice from Stockholm veterans? I have been invited to many celebrations eg. Tanzania/Zambia /Zimbabwe but i have never seen such behaviours perpetrated by Kenya Embassies not only in Stockholm but in other many places, Kenya elites and Wakenya must rise-up from slavery of mind ,freedom ,oppen-ness . are Kenyans in Stockholm very happy when mr Sang is discriminating them by sending them away from Stockholm (isolate place (zone) where Africans should not meet with Civilization) Mr ambassador we a living in modern times .let us embrace democracy and freedom.

  • To make it worse it will be in HUSBY not even Kista. Why Husby yet all past celebrations have been held at various Scandic hotels in Stockholm?

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