Venue for the Late Keegan’s Harambee on 7th December Fixed at Skarpnäck

Confrontation with Purity at Jamhuri

Confrontation with Purity at Jamhuri 2010 when the former Ambassador denied Kenyans vinywaji. She only served soda water, arguing that Kenya had become a “Chrsitian Nation”.

This is to inform the general public that the venue for the Keegan Harambee set for Saturday, 7th December, has now been confirmed. The function will take place at Varmfrontsgatan 20 in Skarpnäck from 14.00 Hrs.

In the meantime, the “Open House” at Keegan’s residence continues daily and mourners are encouraged to pass by and show solidarity with the bereaved family.

Mobilization of Club 100 members also continues and those interested are requested to get in touch through Chairman Sandy, Steve or Sofia Njoroge for further direction.

The agenda is to raise enough funds to transport the body of Keegan home for burial accompanied by his two daughters and mother who are all currently in mourning.

Throughout the week, the whole of Kenya-Stockholm especially Keegan’s close friends have been in deep mourning since the news was broken last Monday. Keegan’s mother arrived from Kenya last Friday to participate in funeral activities of her son who left too soon.

The late Keegan passed away at Hudding Hospital following a long illness. A day before he died, Keegan talked to his mom on the phone and asked for prayers.

On his final week-end on earth, Keegan watched football with friends who had visited him in hospital. He looked well and some friends thought that he would be discharged on Monday, the same day he passed away.

Friends who were with him during his last days said that he had been planning to travel to Kenya. A friend told KSB that he had purchased new clothes and a new pair of shoes in preperation for the trip that never took place because the almighty God had other plans for him. His death has shocked many friends who think that he was too young to die. As the first week-end since his death approaches, attention is focusing on Skarpnäck for the big day.

Okoth Osewe
Information Desk
Keggan Funeral Committee in Stockholm.

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