And Now, Discover How #Shebesh Had Sex With “Her Son” in a Prado at 2.00 AM

shebesh and son


  • Malaya Shebesh and family
  • AU (African Union is anti- Western-democracy & Civilization

    And now,discoverhow shebesh has heavy sex with a rogue son>Western European Civilization &Democracy should not surrender to Sub-human’s Primitive ,barbarians and Savages from the darkest Continent who are meeting in Adis-ababa Ethiopian capital to threaten humanity under the leadership of 54 madmen each representing Killings,mass murderers, rapists,torture and corruption ,human rights violations against their citizens>Here comes these evil-blood-thurstydictators<led by Uhuru Kenyatta<

  • ICC is the beacon Of (peace) And is in Kenya to Stay!

    What do you do when tons of ripe bananas are served free from chief Apes, Baboons and Bonobos?You Sing /Shout ,perfom Sex dancing & merry-making primitive rituals to your Monkey-chief>(EnjoyApe- Aping mentality in mating Mood!

  • Westgate Attack was Govt false Flag

    Discover How Shebesh had Sex with her son inside a Prado!The Very Super Smart Uhuru Kenyatta &William Ruto plus Kiambu-Mafia >The Westgate Attack (must) be investigated proper!,hence it was an inside job>False-Flag:Why is Kenya spy(intelligence) Cids are arressting muslims and charging them for attacking westgate?It is difficult to convince smart & sharp people what Uhuru Kenyatta govt is handling the westgate Scandle(affairs) it is questionable but very soon the true will emerge If the West intelligence is not going to be compromised by Kenya corrupt (fake) regime>

    the last time I posted a story about Ali Kiai Gitonga you made fun of the fact that he is a Mount Kenya muslim, mocking his names. Well, knock yourself out!

    It seems to me that the Kenyan authorities are just picking random muslims and somali youth, framing them to cover up the real story behind Westgate. First Gitonga was taken to a private hospital in Nairobi. Some days later he was dragged out of there, by the authorities, and supposedly taken to a military hospital. Why did they take him from the other hospital in the first place, and why is it that they will not account for his whereabouts now?
    At the time the authorities claimed that they were holding him because a magazine had fallen out of his pockets at the first hospital. I say? Now who would believe suck a cock and bull story? I mean really. They say the guy was a terrorist from the mall and that he’d tried to run with people escaping the carnage. They expect us to believe that such a man would not have had the presence of mind, and had been stupid enough, to leave such incriminating evidence on his person? They better scoop up some more souls to frame, and they’d better cook up more plausible fiction (a little contradiction here) because at this rate Kenyans aren’t buying it. Mercy!

    Family of Westgate Mall terror suspect worried over whereabouts

    Updated Thursday, October 10th 2013

    By Wilfred Ayaga

    Nairobi, Kenya: The family of a man allegedly being held secretly by the authorities in connection with the Westgate Mall attack has expressed fears for his life.

    The family of 36-year-old Ali Kiai Gitonga says they have not seem him since he was picked by security officers from his Aga Khan Hospital bed in the aftermath of the Westgate attack.

    His wife, Khadija Mutuli Mohammed, has now petitioned the High Court to produce Gitonga or his body in court.

    She says the continued lack of information regarding his whereabouts is a violation of his constitutional rights.

    “There is a real apprehension that the security authorities will hold him indefinitely or execute him,” she says in a petition before Justice George Odunga.

    Her lawyer, Mbugua Mureithi, accuses the police of failing to prefer any charges against Gitonga despite having detained him for more than two weeks.

    He said the family was yet to get any information on his whereabouts even after writing to the Attorney General inquiring about him.

    Taken away

    Khadija claims that her husband was taken away by security officers from the Aga Khan Hospital on September 21, where he had been admitted after being injured in the attack.

    She says she witnessed doctors remove a bullet lodged in her husband’s body at the hospital, before he was later picked up by security officers.

    “My husband called me from the mall and told me he had been injured by police officers and was being taken to hospital together with other casualties,” she claims in her petition.

    According to her, the family has been denied access to her husband by officers of the Kenya Defence Forces who are allegedly keeping watch over him.

    “Despite our numerous visits to the Forces Memorial Hospital, KDF officers have totally denied us access to him,” the petition reads.

    She claims that her husband was a victim of the attack and not a perpetrator, and faults claims by police that he is a member of Al-Shabaab.

    She also accuses Aga Khan Hospital of failing to give her details of her husband’s medical condition and discharge.

    In the petition, the wife has listed the Chief of Defence Forces, Inspector General of Police, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Attorney General and the Aga Khan Hospital as defendants.

    Justice Odunga directed the parties to appear before him Friday after the Attorney General’s office requested more time to respond.

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  • This Is Something Stupid ,may Jah Forbid Them

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