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  • shebesh endless saga


    Nairobi women representative Rachael Shebesh decision to quit position in all parliamentary is due to what her colleagues term lose social moral.”

    The trouble with Rachael shebesh is not negative publicity but lose morals which have landed her in trouble,” said a first termer mp from nyanza.

    It has emerged the trouble between shebesh and the nairobi senator mike sonko has to do with the entry of Alfred Keter the Nandi hills mp into shebesh ‘s life.

    After discovering that shebesh is having an affair with keter in August this year, sonko kicked and slapped shebesh in basement packing of kenyatta international convention centre while she was in his car.

    Come last September, sonko and shebesh exchanged blows at crowne plaza hotel in upper hill. They had checked into the hotel at around 10.30pm according to the sources shebesh half necked with a white petticoat left the fifth floor where she and sonko had booked a business suit to enjoy drinks with her breast in view, shebesh abused sonko claiming the senator was not active like other men she has met in life.

    The crowne plaza sagga happened when both politicians had released their bodyguards it has emerged sonko broke shebesh mobile phone a sumsung galaxy. It is said sonko was bitter to learn mp keter had send on sms which shebesh replied positively something.

    Later shebesh reported sonko to the coalition of violence against women which planned a demonstration against but were denied permit on security ground. The matter was reported at kilimani police station but we have established an office handling the case advised them to sort the issue without involving them as it was man to woman relationship feud.

    Last week sonko and shebesh were at it again time at the parliamentary bar. It is said that sonko arrived and found shebesh having drinks with keter. Also present A one mark a member of the county assembly who was having drinks with legislatures.

    A bitter sonko is said to have taken shebesh on leaving her sobbing it started whe n shebesh started talking positively about former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

    Shebesh is said to have been annoyed with sonko for attacking Raila now and said it is necessary for president Uhuru Kernyatta to work together with Raila.

    Sources at parliament say, sonko hit Shebesh hard that one of the county representatives were forced to hide under the table. Shebesh is said to have wet her pants in shock.

    Shebesh’s encounter at parliament bar was the talk among the legislatures forcing her to quit her position in a number of parliamentary committee.

    Sources close to her family say, her husband Ambundo Shebesh is a disturbed man together with their children. This is happening eve n after being embroil in tussle with Nairobi governor Evans Kidero.

    They are concerned with the negative publicity she has of late been receiving, making her lose popularity. At her Nairobi resident, her neighbors have not forgiven her after she assaulted a security guard in charge of her main gate.

    It is said, shebesh came home driving at 1.30pm . The gate keeper by the time was talking on phone. A bitter shebesh a lighted from her car and assaulted him claiming he was spying for his boss sonko. The matter was booked at kileleshwa police station report 01/17/July/2013.

    Kazungu Changamwa the victim of the assault age 28years was examined by the police and has a P3 24161/13 against the flamboyant mp .

    That shebesh is a disgrace to her husband is well seen with how the man drinks heavily in Nairobi West. Shebesh is never far from controversy during her hey days in ODM, it is said that shebesh was once slapped by Ida Odinga and then only recently she was kicked out of statehouse by Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

    During the last general election campaigns, students from UoN threatened to sue her for allegedly calling them prostitutes on national television.

    The students were accusing shebesh, who was then vying for the Nairobi county women representative seat on a TNA ticket, of allegedly hurling demeaning words to the students. In a two page letter written by students organization of UoN. the students threatened to go to court and block shebesh from contesting the women representative seat.

    She was quoted to have said during the interview that the Nairobi red lights districts are littered by prostitutes studying at UoN. in July, she was involved in a tussle of two month old baby as the infant mother fought for its custody .

    In suit filed in court, Natasha Gachie had accused shebesh and her husband Frank of blocking her from accessing the baby. The woman 21, said Shebesh’s family is inm actual control of the minor. She claimed her boyfriend Teejay Ashivende, resides at Shebesh’s home.

    She claimed that Shebesh and her boyfriend had conspiring to keep the child away from her.

    Natasha sys the environment in the house and the conduct of inhabitants is so tense and intimidating that she has been unable to freely bond with the child. And that Teejay consumes alcohol heavily every weekend and is being addicted to miraa.

    She says she knew Teejay in 2002 and they iccasionally lived together until April this year when she was admitted to hospital to give birth.

    She said she called her boyfriend after she delivered and he paid maternity bills and had her moved to a private ward.

    Natasha says she resides with her mother in Eastleigh Califonia area. At one time when she was a Raila and ODM die hard, shebesh is said to have been slapped by an ODM Mp on a retreat in Naivasha.The incident was kept a secret to avoid public humiliation.

    During last campaigns, former Embakasi Mp Ferdinad Waititu slapped her after she attempted to spill out Waititu’ guarded secrets. She is also said to have received a slap from former Kasarani Mp Elizabeth Ongoro ( now a nominated ODM senetor)is also said to have taught a lesson after she bad mouthed her in parliament.

    Shebesh was born on first July 1971 in Nairobi. She undertook her primary education between 1977 and 1985 at

    Lavington primary school where she did her KCPE and joined Kianda school between 1986 and 1989 before joining London college of fashion and design between 1991 and 1993 where she graduated with a diploma in design. She enrolled for undergraduate studies in political science in 2007 and is about to graduate.

    Between 1994 to 2003 she formed and managed Dressence- Fashion and Design and between 2004 and 2006 she was an administrator Marion schools before joining politics in 2007 where she was nominated by ODM after she lost the Kasarani constituency nominations to Ongoro.

  • returning kihii

    Angry circumcised men are desperate to reverse the procedure
    Updated Tuesday, October 8th 2013 at 16:05 GMT +3

    Adapted from Daily Mail

    Many men are circumcised at an early age or have to undergo the procedure later in life for health reasons.

    Now, a small but vociferous community of circumcised men is gathering online to discuss methods of ‘foreskin restoration’.

    These men reportedly feel angry and resentful about the surgery and are looking to find methods of reversing it.

    According to Daily Mail, they are congregating on forums where they can vent their anger and discuss their options, the Kernel reports.

    Typically, they are using websites such as and

    The Kernel reports that one man wrote: ‘I have been looking into what was stolen from me for a couple months now.

    ‘It’s always on my mind, I just revolve between being crushed emotionally and being soooo f**king mad I start twitching.

    ‘I just want to curl up into a ball and disappear. This is the most shameful/angry/sad/hateful/depressing feeling I’ve ever had.’

    A response to this post encouraged this man to ‘commit to restoration’ so as to get back his control over his life and to increase his self-esteem.

    The Kernel reports that most men who visit these sites do so because they are feeling either angry or shameful.

    It claims these circumcised men feel sexually incomplete and that they are unable to achieve the same level of intimacy as can be experienced by uncircumcised men.

    The sites offer a range of ideas as to how men can restore their foreskins without undergoing more surgery.

  • Nicholas k. Ivayo


  • mental bipolar case this woman!!!!!!!

  • Sonko Kisonko aka Mkisonko(Usituletee)

    Kenya a fantastic Nation and Fantastic Politicians !Sonko Kisonko Aka Msonko has caused drama in Mombasa By importing Devil-worshippers Paraphenalia with Containers ; In every FM radios there is prayers for GOD to deliver Kenyans from these devilish tons of devil worshipper Sonko ordered these gadgets from CHINA when he accompanies Uhuru Kenyatta>

  • They can run like idiots but they cant hide!

    Why are these foolish & corrupt silly lawyers fighting a loosing war?

  • De los estados dos Dictator Kaguta Museveni

    Oh son’s of Vipers give us a break i thought Idi Amin Dada of Uganda has risen from the dead!Enjoy these two Anus-thinking baboons froathing Mamba Venomous from their rotten &distorted brains>

  • De los estados dos Dictator Kaguta Museveni

    Sonko & Shebesh can make love & hate so what?Oh son’s of Vipers give us a break i thought Idi Amin Dada of Uganda has risen from the dead!Enjoy these two Anus-thinking baboons froathing Mamba Venomous from their rotten &distorted brains>

  • Where there is smoke,there is fire.

  • i like the way they present themselves

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