SEK 5.150 Raised at Stockholm’s Memorial Service for Westgate Victims

Ambassador Joseph Sang’s Address at Memorial Service for Victims of Westgate’s Attack

Finally, the figure for the amount of money that was raised during the Memorial service in Stockholm for Westagate victims is available. According to Mr. Bryan Njoroge, who spoke to KSB and who was among a group of Kenyans who visited the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm to update the mission about the funds drive, a total of SEK 5.150 was raised on Friday, 27th September 2013 at St Klara Church.

Mr. Njoroge said that the money has since been transmitted to the Kenyan Red Cross in Kenya by Sheila Wangari, a well-known Kenyan Christian, mother and Church leader who was also the Treasurer at the function. Mr. njoroge told KSB that the receipt for the money transfer to Redcross in Kenya was deposited at the Kenyan Embassy for safe keeping.

The Memorial service, which was graced by the presence of Dr. Joseph Sang, the new Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia, was attended by about 80 people. Several Kenyan MPs were also present. The Ambassador addressed the gathering and sent condolences to the bereaved families while at the same time wished those who were injured quick recovery. He said that terrorism is an international challenge that knew no boarders and called on humanity to stand together to fight it.

The event was coordinated by Pastor Beatrice Kamau who works at the St Klara Church where the event took place. The release of the figures for cash raised at the event will, no doubt end speculation which has been breeding in Kenya-Stockholm as to what may have happened to the money.

Okoth Osewe


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