Michael Osumba Burial Committee Set Up In Stockholm: Harambee on Sataurday, 31st August 2013

The late Michael Osumba

The late Michael Osumba

The Michael Osumba Funeral Committee has been set up. The Committee has decided that the Osumba fund raising will be held on Saturday, 31st August 2013 at “Africa House” in Hagsätra (Götlundagatan 2) from 17.00 Hours. The Committee has been tasked with raising between SEK 70-80k for both body transportation costs and tickets for Osumba’s wife, Nancy and three children, all resident in Stockholm.

Committee members are as follows: Jared Odero (Chairman), Martin Ngatia (Vice Chairman), Jasper Orieny (Secretary) Prisca Försman (Vice Chairperson), Bryan Arwa (Treasurer), Hellen Opwapo (Vice Treasurer), Okoth Osewe (Media and Propaganda) and Munala wa Munala (Vice: Media and Propaganda). Ordinary Committee members: Oyuga Odada, Jacob Opande, Joseph Goga, Gerry Midenyo, James Ouya, Teresa Mawa, Sera Nielssen and Ochieng Nyambok.

The budget for the fund-raising stands at SEK 15.000. This amount was raised at the meeting where the Committee was set up. Responsibilities for various tasks have also been distributed. At the time of the Committee formation, a total of 3.150 had been raised in cash through the “Open House” while pledges stood at 1.950 bringing the total amount which can so far be realized to SEK 5.100. The Committee has appealed to everybody who pledged cash to honor their pledges in the spirit of balancing the accounts and moving forward with the fund raising effort.

Speaking to KSB, Jared Odero, Committee Chairman, appealed to Kenyans and friends to turn up in large numbers at the “Open House” and the harambee to help raise funds to transport Osumba’s body to Kenya for burial. Osumba’s family in Kenya has sent a strong message that they want the body to be transported to Kenya for burial. The Osumba families in Kenya and Sweden are all united on the question of the body being transported to Kenya for internment. The task now is for the Committee to mobilize and raise enough funds which will help transport Osumba’s body to Kenya.

Viewing of Osumba’s body by any interested party has been set for Wednesday, 14th August at Söder Hospital from 12.00 Hrs. Friends, sympathizers and well-wishers alike are encouraged to continue visiting the Osumba family at Farsta to condole with the bereaved family following the sudden loss of a loved member of the family. The residence will remain “Open” until Osumba is buried. For further information about the impending fundraising or the funeral arrangement, call the Chairman, Jared Odero, at: 0735450203.

Okoth Osewe

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  • hey osewe!
    This nyakobi woman story is so successful.Nyakobi presence in sweden shall disciple most kenyan women whom took their hubbies for granted.Let her teach them that men are precious and should be handle with alot of care.

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