JKIA Fire Exposes Government Inefficiency and Corruption


The huge fire that gutted the international arrivals and immigration area of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on August 7, 2013 exposed the underbelly of the Kenyan Government that is infamous for its inefficiency and grand corruption. It took six hours for firefighters drawn from the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA), the military and other private companies to put it out. It was a shame to see photos of soldiers carrying buckets of water to douse the raging fire.  In addition, it took more than half an hour for the first fire engine to begin working, yet international standards require three minutes of response at airports. Two days earlier, an airlock in the central pipeline which delivers jet fuel to the airport malfunctioned, causing planes arriving there to be diverted to other airports. Observers saw firefighters struggling with hoses they could not operate and to worsen the situation, water hydrants at the airport were out of function. The inefficiency exhibited in the firefighting process shocked many Kenyans who said: “Sijivunii kuwa Mkenya” (I am not proud to be a Kenyan).

Hundreds of stranded passengers watched as their pieces of luggage burnt to ashes during the emergency evacuation. Thank God nobody was injured and that it was not about a plane that had caught fire. Media outlets such as the Kenya Television Network (KTN) and Nation Television (NTV) deserve accolades for their live streaming which updated those in the Diaspora. During KTN’s Sunrise Live program, Mwingi North MP John Munuve who was interviewed at JKIA, mentioned that he had questioned in Parliament the day before, how 350 hired goons were allowed into the duty free area of the airport. They had been ferried to demolish shops owned by Paul Kamlesh Pattni (of the Goldenberg scandal) at midnight last week. He wondered who had authorized them, yet the airport is Government’s property with high security.

It is speculated that the raiders might have tampered with electric cables that caused a short circuit and eventually the devastating fire. Over 600 people lost their livelihoods when the duty free shops were demolished following a court order disallowing Pattni to renew his lease. Since 1991, Pattni’s World Duty Free Company has held exclusive rights to shops in all airports built by KAA. An online blog claimed that during an NTV interview last Sunday, Pattni “warned Uhuru/Ruto that they had abused their powers by oppressing innocent people who were just earning a decent living from the duty free shops, and that God will remove them from power very soon.”

Incidentally, August 7th was also the 15th anniversary of the 1998 terrorist twin bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The USA has sent FBI agents to assist the Kenyan government in its investigations. But even more bizarre is the allegation that CCTV cameras in the building were out of order during the fire.

For a country known for its lawlessness, the security personnel who arrived to assist had a field day looting money from banks and ATMs located inside the arrivals section at the JKIA. The dailymail.co.uk reported that: “First responders who arrived at massive airport fire in Kenya looted electronics, a bank and an ATM, it has been claimed. Officials investigating the fire at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport told the Associated Press valuables were stolen by emergency services including police, firefighters and the army. Anonymous sources have alleged that first responders stole electronics and money from an ATM. It is also believed that police guarding the site overnight attempted to a take a safe from a bank in the burned-out arrivals hall, which also houses several foreign currency exchange shops.

All public servants in Kenya, including police, firefighters and soldiers, are poorly paid and frequently accused of corruption. Police officers who guard the entrance to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport are well known in Nairobi for demanding bribes from taxi drivers and other vehicles with Kenyan drivers.  The fire-fighting response to Wednesday’s inferno was criticized as slow and inadequate, but the officials could not definitely say the looting was carried out by firefighters. One official said there was now behind-the-scenes finger pointing taking place between the police, fire department and army. Another official said specialized police units had attempted to steal the safe overnight.” However, the Inspector General of Police said they had not received official complaints from owners who had suffered losses from the fire.

Corruption at KAA
During former president Kibaki’s 10 year rule, KAA was a key cash cow for his Mt. Kenya Kikuyu elite. In March 2003, he appointed a close associate George Muhoho as its Managing Director (MD); a post he served for two terms ending in 2009, but was controversially awarded another year’s contract and quit early 2010. Muhoho is the brother of Mama Ngina, Uhuru Kenyatta’s mother. He was replaced as MD by another Kikuyu, Stephen Gichuki. On June 9, 2010 The Hansard (National Assembly Official Report) reported a high concentration of Mt. Kenya members within the senior management of KAA, and the underhand recruitment of Gichuki, seen to have been influenced by Muhoho.

Part of a paragraph on page six by former MP Langat reads: “Madam Temporary Deputy Speaker, as I conclude, I also want to challenge the Government which talks about the issue of balancing communities in our parastatals. The Minister should re-look at the composition of the Board of KAA, because it comprises eight or ten members from a specific community. We need to balance it because Kenya is a big country with 42 communities which need to be given a fair chance both at the Board and management level of the KAA. Also, the senior management positions at the KAA should be checked, because it reflects the structure of the Board. If we are serious about National Cohesion and Integration, then it has to be seen at the KAA.”

During his tenure, Muhoho flaunted set rules in tendering processes for renovations at airports in Kenya and more specifically, at the JKIA. Here are some of his dealings posted at jukwaa.proboards.com on December 2, 2010: “It is worth noting that KAA is currently undertaking massive airport expansion projects at JKIA ( a project initially projected to cost Sh800 million, but whose cost has kept varying upwards, currently projected to cost Sh10 Billion). The Kisumu International Airport is undertaking a Sh3 Billion project whose final cost is yet to be estimated; and another multi-billion project at Malindi Airport.

Most of these projects are being undertaken by Chinese contractors, well known for secretive palm-greasing of African Big Men who facilitate contracts to them. It is partly in these multi-billion, multi-cost-varying infrastructure expansion projects that scrutiny on Amos Kimunya (Transport minister) will be highly called for. What is strikingly curious is that these airport expansions and so called ‘modernization’ projects keep undergoing metamorphosis from their original plans and designs. Variations and requests for additional funding (billed to taxpayers) are the order of the day. Besides the originally planned and budgeted phases (I-IV), KAA keeps seeking additional funding from foreign banks under very flimsy and strange justifications.

In one such request, KAA sought an additional grant of a whopping Sh7.5 Billion from the European Investment Bank to “help minimize disruptions at JKIA during repairs of passenger terminals”. No sooner was that approved, than Kenyan taxpayers were burdened with another equal amount (Sh7.5 Billion) in debt from the French Development Agency (AFD), this time for “minimizing disruptions” at the same JKIA “during repairs of taxiways”. These costly games executed by KAA foot-soldiers, are craftily designed through collusion between the Transport and Finance Ministers and PSs. In short, the Ministry of Transport has effectively facilitated the entry of Anglo-Leasing type contracts through KAA into our airport construction efforts.”

The looting of KAA by Mt. Kenya cartels still continues at the expense of taxpayers, with only a periodic change of faces. Meanwhile, buying and maintaining its own fire engines is not a priority, yet the JKIA facilitates tourism and horticultural business, which are Kenya’s top income earners. According to the Huffington Post: “Nairobi County doesn’t have a single working fire engine, the Daily Nation, a Nairobi newspaper, reported last month. One engine, the paper said, was auctioned in 2009 because the county hadn’t paid a $100 repair bill. An Associated Press reporter at the airport saw uniformed officers line up with buckets in hand, apparently to battle the blaze.”

In conclusion, former KNCHR commissioner Hassan Omar Hassan wrote in the Standard newspaper on November 27, 2011 that: “You scar and bleed a nation when you willfully negate its sensitivities. To pass the microphone from one Njoroge to another, then to Nyoike and Murungi while addressing the soaring costs of energy. Or when Ndung’u passes the microphone to Kinyua then to Kenyatta to tell us why the shilling is losing ground. Or when the leadership of the country’s security apparatus is almost exclusively from Kibaki’s ethnic Kikuyu. You then wonder why there’s ethnicity in Kenya when the Government is working “tirelessly” to patch your roads and build you new ones with flyovers.”

Jared Odero


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  • This is what happens when corruption, impunity and tribalism and incompetence rules supreme as nothing works or is done to internationally accepted standard. I wonder when the criminal led government will be inviting the international community to come and help investigate as– this is too big for us– according to the head of the airport security the former police spokesperson who is a well known incompetent person famously known for paying some dude to do a masters degree for him and also for dismissing the video footage showing the police killing people during the 2007.

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    Nairobi Special News. Says:
    August 7, 2013 at 02:12
    ndya muthyuty Says:
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  • Jubilee corrupt

    JKIA fire exposes Kenyans’ poor work ethic
    Posted Monday, August 12, 2013 | By MUTHONI THANG’WA

    The fire that started at the Arrivals Unit at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is a national disaster on Kenyans’ moral fibre and work ethic.

    Airports all over the world are high security areas. It is therefore one of the last places that terrorists, arsonists, drug traffickers and the likes should be roaming freely. No machine can spot an arsonist, but a keen human eye, interested in and efficient at their job can.

    President Kenyatta, I assume reading a script from the investigators tells us that thankfully it was not a terrorist attack.

    Other sources indicate it was not an electrical fault, never mind that no one allegedly thought of putting off the main grid to the airport for hours even after the fire had started.

    Many Kenyans are singing the song of Kenya’s lack of preparedness in case of a disaster. I beg to differ on the JKIA case.

    The airport has a fire station right next to the terminals and two substations within the same airport. How then does it take one hour for the fire station to respond to a distress call within a nose’s reach?

    Every report getting out of that airport tells of a rotten work ethic that unfortunately is like a cancer destroying the public service from within.

    What is the point of having a fire station at the airport, if it is not manned 24/7? Even one hundred unmanned fire engines – even if Kenya could afford them cannot make any difference!

    Yet, the nation continues to be completely obsessed with what we don’t have instead of making good use of the little that we have. Ten minutes in an emergency can make all the difference in how the story ends. On firemen on duty sleeping in their houses and fire trucks that sit in a high security facility with no water, I reserve comments.

    The dearth of punishment for offenders and neglectors makes the little that our nation can afford to be of no use when we need it the most. What does the fire drill for airport staff say if it exists? And when was the last time staff had a fire drill anyway? I am sure it does not say when you see smoke call the electrician.

    Smoke at an airport, school, hospital or any public facility that holds thousands at any given time even to the damned and doomed surely calls for putting on the emergence siren – that comes with most government buildings in Kenya today. It is better to go through an unnecessary emergency drill, than have a fire in a critical public facility.

    Either the staff are too lazy or too negligent to imitate the fire drill or some manager sits at a KAA office in the airport doing everything except taking care of the details that would ensure the appropriate response in unusual circumstances.

    Kenya has Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission and the Efficiency Monitoring Unit. They investigate that tell us who in public service is most unethical.

    Who has employed their wives, sisters and brothers and stolen money? But guess what they are not empowered to do anything about it, except write a report.

    These reports are probably in use by public servants to perfect the acts of being unethical. The worst that happens is a transfer, which is a slap on the hand.

    The relatives hired unethically or promoted through favouritism are neither fired nor made to pay back the gains of their collective unethical endeavours.

    The sleeping firemen, their managers will probably just be transferred to sleep at the next critical moment.

    Such is the decadency that Kenya as a nation has created out of its public service. We have been unable to ‘make an example’ out of any errant public official.





    E.O. 12958: N/A
    SUBJECT: Challenges to Airport Certification in Nairobi

    REF: FAA 102211Z FEB 06


    ¶1. (SBU) Summary: Visiting U.S. FAA airport certification
    specialist Ed Dorsett’s training for Kenyan inspectors
    highlighted many deficiencies at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta
    International Airport (JKIA) that will likely prevent its
    certification to ICAO standards until 2007. Regulator
    Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) and operator Kenya
    Airports Authority (KAA) agreed to jointly develop an
    action plan to institutionalize maintenance, quality
    control and auditing systems to meet ICAO certification
    standards. However, their challenge is illustrated by the
    fact that many of the deficiencies were also noted a year
    ago by ICAO inspectors and still remain unresolved. End

    ¶2. (SBU) Airport certification by national aviation
    regulators is a fairly new ICAO requirement, and Kenya is
    behind schedule on implementation/compliance. At the Cape
    Verde Safe Skies for Africa Ministerial, the FAA agreed to
    a request from KCAA Director General Chris Kuto to send an
    FAA specialist to train KCAA’s airport inspectors. Ed
    Dorsett spent five days at JKIA, conferring with KCAA and
    KAA personnel, accompanying inspectors around the
    facilities, checking the issues on ICAO’s certification
    list and standards, and helping to prepare KCAA’s list of
    deficiencies. ICAO requires that members certify their own

    ¶3. (SBU) Dorsett found that KCAA’s inspection personnel
    are sufficiently qualified, properly prepared, and
    motivated to carry out their duties. Dorsett and the
    Kenyan officials noted many deficiencies that need to be
    addressed, some of them urgent, such as lighting and
    signage on runways, taxiways and aprons. Mission e-mailed
    on March 6 the long list of problems to FAA, DOT, and

    ¶4. (SBU) At the presentation of the report to a group of
    KAA and KCAA officials, KCAA DG Kuto noted that the
    deficiencies included real safety hazards that could cause
    an accident that would have lasting consequences for the
    economy and KAA. Based on what he learned at the Cape
    Verde SSFA Ministerial, Kuto stressed that the goal should
    not be to pass inspection once and then slide back into old
    ways of thinking. Rather it should be to fix the problems,
    and maintain high standards to reach the real goal of
    achieving Category One status. Kuto expressed his
    appreciation for the assistance from FAA and SSFA.

    ¶5. (SBU) KCAA DG Chris Kuto and JKIA Manager Joseph Okumu
    (KAA) agreed the agencies should jointly and quickly
    develop an action plan that defines roles and
    responsibilities. Kuto stated that agency heads had to
    show the way forward to their subordinates. Kuto proposed
    a joint, mass meeting where he and KAA Director George
    Muhoho would explain the issue and follow up with a jointly
    signed circular on the importance of meeting the ICAO
    standards. Okumu said KAA could fund most of the repairs
    on the list from the landing fees it collects from users.
    He recognized the need for KAA to strengthen its internal
    quality control system and implement its new manual for
    aerodrome certification as part of its effort to achieve
    ISO certification as well.

    ¶6. (SBU) Emboffs suggested that inspectors in Uganda and
    Tanzania will need airport certification training, and the
    East African Community (EAC) will need to upgrade and
    harmonize its airport certification procedures. Emboffs
    will pursue a regional training session for the EAC.
    Emboffs also highlighted the need for effective action,
    noting that an accident at JKIA would attract widespread
    attention and accusations of negligence that could
    seriously impact Kenya’s economy by reducing tourism and
    air traffic.

    ¶7. (SBU) Comment: Dorsett privately noted to Emboffs that
    the ICAO inspection done a year ago noted the exact same
    deficiencies he saw, indicating a troubling bureaucratic
    inertia on the part of KAA and KCAA. His optimistic
    estimate was that it would take 6-12 months to bring JKIA
    up to ICAO certification standards, but warned that
    procurement of necessary materials, parts and equipment
    could create additional delays.


  • Kenya: JKIA Fire Cost KQ Sh340 Million in Losses
    11 August 2013

    Kenya Airways says it lost Sh340 million in terms of revenues following the fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport that led to its indefinite closure.

    Kenya Airways CEO Titus Naikuni said some 492 passengers are stranded in Hong Kong following the Wednesday fire incident. He however added efforts are being made to fly the passengers to their destinations. He said there is a pile up of passengers on other routes but efforts are being made to address the crisis.

    He added following the pile up there were 33 international airlines and 20 domestic ones that were lined up to leave Nairobi. He made the remarks when he toured more than 10 tents that have been set up within the airport to help in clearing passengers and cargo for domestic and international airlines. Kenya Airports Authority said they have lost more than 60 percent of their advertising following the fire incident.


    Posted in: Opinion|August 12, 2013


    The fire at JKIA was caused by infighting among the drug dealers. With the rise into power of Jubilee, there has been a realignment of the drug dealing fraternity.

    The deportation of Chinedu and numerous other Nigerian drug dealers is believed to have been orchestrated by drug dealers, some of them who occupy top government positions in the Jubilee government. Some of them, flamboyant ones are Governors, while others are Senators and MPs.

    So what happened is that following the realignments, read the rise to power of a new government, these Nigerian drug dealers have been having trouble getting their cocaine and heroin hauls into the country, while The ones connected to the Jubilee top honchos easily find their way easily.

    So in March, Kenya not only changed government in a rigged election, but also the top dawgs of the drug distribution network changed.
    And so a major high value drug haul that had been destined for Nairobi had to pass JKIA customs by what Malcolm X called “all means necessary”. That is when the Nigerian drug dealers set the fire to create confusion, so that in medias res of the hullaballoo, and stampede, they were able to get about 100 briefcases worth more than Sh 500m full of Cocaine and Hashish that had been ferried from Pakistan via Nigeria after repackaging.

    And so as coward folks including cargo inspectors fled for their lives including the policemen at the airport who are supposed to be selfless enough to leave the building last as required of security personnel ran away, the drug haul was sneaked out through the airport gate to a warehouse in Embakassi owned by a PNU affiliated drug baron.

    And so Kenyans have a lot to worry about, because as warned by Makau Mutua in his Sunday’s Op-ed, that Kenya is fast joining other failed states, as a nation that is in total decay of morals.
    A few of Kenyan politicians made it to Obamas list of sanctioned politicians, and in this government, there’s even more drug dealers presently occupying strategic position in government and KDF as, the president is in the dark about all these.

    Some of them use devil worshipping and illuminati connections to offer as sacrifice those who stand in their drug routes. Those who attempt to fight the drug loads have their throats slit in ceremonies where the who’s who of drug dealers sip the blood oozing out of their victims necks.

    Some of that human blood is poured into wine glasses, from which the evil spirits and demons drink from as they face away from the glasses. All those who stand in the way of these flamboyant politicians and drug dealers are sacrifice in these ceremonies.

    That’s why for Uhuru to succeed in stamping out drug dealers, he would need to kick out the drug dealing elements associated with top politicians within his coalition because the snowball effect of the JKIA inferno which was being put off using buckets that soldiers at Embakassi shower with in their barracks (shame on us) is yet to be manifest.

    It showed that Kenya’s disaster preparedness is seedy, and any jet fire crash may not be contained. Tell Uhuru to rein in on the drug dealers associated with his coalition, before they establish a sophisticated drug distribution network that goes to the kiosks and shops in the shopping centers across the country.

    Because the powerful elements in the trade thrive by getting you hooked up and then they bind you to be paying a certain ransom every week for constant supply, but initially give it to you for free. Already they are in our primary and secondary schools recruiting new drug addicts who will wreck havoc to Kenya’s economy in 2030.

    The Kenyan intellectual is at the verge of extinction, thanks to the government ineptness. I can predict that following the election of ICC genocide suspects, we probably might elect a drug baron as president in 2013. They are now well positioned, and are slowly taking over the media.

    100 Suitcases are already in supply. The faction of drug dealers that’s in bed with government operatives is bringing these drugs in containers at the Mombasa Port. These containers go un-inspected. Meanwhile the 2 drug dealing camps are in talks to start working together. They are likely to secure appointments to the most powerful house in Nairobi and Kenya. And then they will be in business together. They have realized that they either hang together, or in future be hanged separately.

    Let’s all pray for Kenya. We screwed up in March, but we will have another chance in 2017. Let’s not do something stupid again.
    The writer is a Security Analyst.

  • Fire tragedy at airport reflects serious management failures
    Updated Sunday, August 11th 2013 at 13:40 GMT +3


    I have no qualms with authorities that a fire could occur at our main international airport. Several international airports in major cities, including Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Miami, Bangkok and others have experienced fire incidents in recent years. In January 2012, a fire gutted the VIP lounge at Moi International airport, and in February this year, another fire destroyed KRA Customs warehouse at JKIA. Hence, fires will occur time and again, anywhere. My beef is with our response to such disasters — utterly appalling to say the least!

    The image of military officers carrying buckets of water to douse the flames, in the largest international airport in East and Central Africa, was shocking.

    It took two hours for the firemen to respond to the emergency, according to eyewitnesses, and took a whole five hours to put out the fire. What reportedly started as a simple fire in an Immigration office spread gradually to destroy the entire arrivals terminal as the bewildered nation watched the chaotic response in horror. As usual, investigations will be done; no further action taken and the incident well behind us as we await the next tragedy. We invest billions of shillings annually into this airport, yet its safety and security situation is pathetic.

    We are now told that the airport firemen did not act fast as required and were grossly negligent to say the least. The fire hydrants in the building had no water. The trucks did not have modern facilities to enable the firemen reach fires at any level of a building. The building did not have easy access designed for such safety concerns. And worse still, KAA or DCA were not even in charge of the crisis! A Cabinet secretary who was more hands-on in roads construction was supervising the disaster response, any which way he could.

    Perhaps, we should not have expected anything better. KAA is a political outfit that serves more often than not as a cash cow to the authorities. Its board is apointed by the minister, usually on political expediency rather than merit. The last MD was recruited defiantly through such political intrigues. Only late last year, we were treated to a supremacy circus between the MD and his board on a multi-billion shilling expansion project. Clearly, management of this vital institution is anything but professional.

    In the Sh55 billion project, the offices of the Head of Public Service, that of the PM, the MD and the Board, had all different and conflicting roles. In the Artur brothers saga, the State House was reportedly involved. I will not put the World Duty-Free shops saga also past the State operatives — how does an international airport so crudely throw out dozens of businesses and destroy/loot their goods even if you had a court order? A couple of years ago, the Board and MD had similar conflicting roles when they threw out some Qatari multi-billion shilling complex facility at the groundbreaking stage. Briefly put, KAA has perennial management crisis, regrettably for an institution of its calibre.

    Back to the disaster preparedness, the MD and/or his team, and the DCA team, ought to have been shown the door by now for such glaring failures, the causes of the fire notwithstanding. I would be surprised if the President is not badly embarassed by this disaster. It is not time to listen to stories from those responsible for such institutional disasters; he should act fast and furiously in such circumstances. There should not be second chances for such blunders. Sadly, KAA is in-charge too, of all airports in the country.

    If there is anything that this government ought to handle as a matter of urgency, it is the critical resources required in the disaster preparedness, both in terms of equipment facilities and a co-ordinated management structure. Our major cities and key installations should have modern fire engines and appropriately trained staff, as well as a strong regulatory authority. We are mercifully at risk in Nairobi, as witnessed in the past.

    It is as if we have resigned to our fate in this regard.

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  • Uhuru&Ruto can Avoid & escape Hague Cases if they can Prove to be suffering from SCHIZOPHRENIC Brain Desease and be sent to Mental Institute for treatment>Page Content
    Ruto and Sang case: Trial to open in The Hague

    The Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) have decided, in a plenary session, that the commencement of the trial against William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang will take place at the seat of the Court in The Hague, Netherlands, rejecting the joint defence request to hold hearings in Kenya or in Tanzania. The trial is scheduled to commence on 10 September 2013, in the presence of the accused.

    On 24 January 2013, the Defence teams in the case regarding Mr Ruto and Mr Sang requested the Court to hold the hearings for this trial in Kenya or, alternatively, in Arusha (Tanzania). The possibility of holding in situ hearings is enshrined in articles 3(3) and 62 of the Rome Statute and Rule 100 of the ICC’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence.

    Having received the observations of the other parties and participants, as well as from relevant national authorities, and the ICC Registry’s remarks on the feasibility of in situ hearings, the Trial Chamber recommended to the Presidency that it may be desirable to hold the commencement of trial and other portions thereof in Kenya or in Tanzania. In accordance with Rule 100(3), the Presidency, having obtained the agreement of Kenya and Tanzania that the Court could sit in those states, convened a plenary session of judges in order to decide on the matter.

    After carefully considering the arguments both in favour of and against holding the opening statements in the case in Nairobi or Arusha, the judges did not reach the required two-thirds majority necessary for a decision to change the seat of the Court. The opening statements of the trial will therefore be held in The Hague.

    The Judges, while in principle in favour of bringing the ICC’s proceedings closer to the affected communities, concluded that the proceedings in this case shall be held at the ICC’s headquarters. The Judges reached this conclusion after taking into consideration numerous factors, such as security, the cost of holding proceedings outside The Hague, the potential impact on victims and witnesses and on proceedings in The Hague, the length of the proceedings to be held away from the seat of the Court, as well as the potential impact on the perception of the Court and the impact on the Court’s ability to conduct and support other proceedings that are taking place simultaneously at the seat of the Court.

    Press release

  • Kikuyu mafia greed

    Something was amiss before the JKIA fire, someone should’ve noticed
    Updated Saturday, August 10th 2013 at 20:52 GMT +3

    By Angela Ambitho

    Shattered glass, broken panels, empty boxes, scattered papers, trash and dirt strewn all over the floor.

    Perturbed and confused, we asked ourselves why our international departures unit at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ( JKIA) looked like something a truck had run over. We questioned why the duty-free shops had been brutally brought down leaving one of Africa’s acclaimed airports existing in such a sorry state.

    We wondered what overarching state of emergency could have warranted the sacrificing of the airport’s all so important image over the shoddy eviction of an unwanted tenant.

    Void of all the pertinent details yet fully cognisant that the airport authority’s service charter aims at “enhancing customer experience in the technical and facilitation areas” we concluded that management had made some miscalculated decisions that sent passengers a deplorable message. This was two weeks ago as we embarked in and out through Unit two. Something was obviously amiss.

    Shattered glass, broken panels… you know the drill. Nothing had changed. The airport still looked messy and destabilised. As I sat through my flight, I wondered what impression first-time visitors were making from our ghastly sight and how frequent passengers were feeling in this mumbo-jumbo.

    I was keen to benchmark ours with perhaps the best airport in Africa; Oliver Tambo in Johannesburg. As you can imagine, the difference was like night and day. Clean, modern, spacious, well equipped, hi-tech and organised. I quietly imagined whether they would allow their airport to exist in ruin and disorder. “Not even for a split second!” was the quick response I blurted to myself. These guys meant business. Having concluded my business and made it back to catch my returning flight the following day, I was disappointed to learn that our flight would be delayed indefinitely.

    Luckily, there was a lot to do.

    Shop upon shop to feed my weakness for shopping; bookstore upon bookshop to feed my thirst for knowledge; restaurant upon restaurant to feed my hunger for food. And when I couldn’t walk any more, the lounge offered the cosiest bedlike couch to feed my need for rest. The five hours I had spent felt like nothing more than two. As I lay my head to sleep, I shuddered at the ordeal of spending 5 hours at JKIA. We needed to borrow best practice to remain competitive, I thought.

    Upon boarding our flight, we were informed that the delay had been occasioned by shortage of jet fuel. We were headed back to our airport that looks like a hell hole, boarding a flight that had been terribly delayed due to lack of fuel. This was last Tuesday. As you can imagine I thought to myself, something’s amiss. Plumes of dark smoke billowing from JKIA. Fire engines arriving in droves to save the situation. Stranded passengers, airline crew and media thronging every empty space to determine next steps. Transport and Interior Cabinet Secretaries providing updates. President Uhuru Kenyatta providing moral support. This was last Wednesday. JKIA was ablaze.

    Whilst it’s obvious that the fire was no act of terrorism, could the less obvious reason for the bizarre sequence of events be greed? Greed to control, evade and even confuse? Your guess is as good as mine. What’s certain is that something was amiss before the fire and someone should have noticed!

  • Kaguta Museveni (Uganda Hyena) Kiss my black ass/with your Filthy tongue>Your Hogwash failed Miserably >>Museveni- who is said to have been incensed with what he called nonsense and childishness, asked Uhuru why Raila could not be allowed to use VIP lounge, retain government vehicles and enjoy police security like Kibaki and Moi; Uhuru most likely had no answer other than the usual parroted by his disgraced spokesman Muthui Kariuki, it’s at this point that Museveni gave an “order” that Raila should be allowed to keep the cars, maximum police protection to all his homes and properties and an all access to VIP sections of the airport!

    The report of the Kampala dress down of Uhuru did not go down well with some kitchen boys in statehouse; to implement the Museveni “order” they had to gain political capital out of it, its at this point that it was agreed to invite Raila to state house for discussions to discuss the “state of the nation”.

    At statehouse Raila was to be “sweet talked” into toning down his anti jubilee stance, then Uhuru could release a statement announcing that Raila’s security, cars and an all access to VIP lounges had been restored upon review of protocol.

    The announcement of Raila’s access to full “Sandaki (Plastic) mkeka was to be followed by propaganda via new media of how Raila is obsessed with big toys read things; cars, watchmen-security, sirens, VIP Toilet et el and that he had forsaken the spirit of being the official opposition among other usual Jubilee stereotyping propaganda.

    Raila’s intelligence source passed this mini plan to him, its at that point that he called a bluff and so Uhuru had no choice BUT to announce to the world the Kampala meeting to contain any leak of the alleged Kampala dress-down. Through his press secretary, Emanuel Esipisu the president confirmed that the Kampala meeting took place;

    “President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga discussed matters of national interest, including efforts on growing the economy,” State House spokesperson Manoah Esipisu said in a statement.

    He further described the presence of Mr Kenyatta, former President Mwai Kibaki and Mr Odinga in the Ugandan capital at the same time as “coincidental”.

    Uhuru’s administration that has served for only four months is struggling to set a firm foundation, emergence of crisis after crisis have reduced the administration to more of ring fencing issues than a lip forward. The continued mistreatment of Raila is a distraction the broke government needs to buy time as they stare at empty public coffers due to pullout by donors.

    It’s a consequence Kenyans got to live with having been gullible to Uhuru’s propaganda machine. During Uhuru’s inauguration Museveni openly refereed to him as a son/cousin of Ugandans re-affirming Kenyatta family’s alleged ties to the Uganda royalty- a story for another day! Perhaps the said family links could be the reason why Museveni feels some entitlement in lecturing our president.

    Museveni’s lecture is an irony considering his continued mistreatment of Uganda opposition leader K Bisigye, though the opposition leader has never occupied senior position in government he surely needs respect, perhaps Museveni might have seen the light and Bisigye’s fortunes may soon change.


  • More than 40 million Tumbilis/Monkeys ,Chimpanzees ,Orangutaung’s are in dire need of Over 40 millions kilos of bananas,will they survive without White-man’s Donation ?>
    When the drought and famine get here, every time, we wail for the white man’s “international community” to come help.

    When we slaughter and rape each other, we wail for the white man’s “international community” to do something.


  • Nubian Thornycroft Major.

    See a place where GOD has not set foot? Must be a miserable God?>

  • State officials grilled by House team over duty free shops demolitions at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
    Updated Tuesday, August 13th 2013 at 00:23 GMT +3

    By Isaiah Lucheli

    Nairobi, Kenya: MPs clashed over the circumstances surrounding the demolition of Diplomatic Duty Free Shops at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) during a stormy parliamentary committee session.

    During the heated session, the over 20 MPs, who are members of the Parliamentary Committee on Transport, differed over whether the Kenya Airports Authority ( KAA) had breached the law.

    But authorities told the MPs the genesis of the contract that saw a foreigner secure exclusive rights to operate the duty free shops was the “greatest fraud”.

    The session almost degenerated into a shouting match when Embakasi South MP Irshad Sumra accused KAA Managing Director Stephen Gichuki and the head of security of being economical with the truth on the events surrounding the demolition of the shops.

    Attempts by his colleagues to cool him down fell on deaf ears as Mr Sumra claimed that the airport’s CCTV cameras had been switched off during the demolition and the youths who undertook the exercise were not screened. He termed it a “serious security breach”.

    Mr Sumra also sensationally claimed that KAA had left electric wires exposed, which he said caused the fire at JKIA, but Head of Airport Police Eric Kiraithe clarified that the electrical installations were handled by electricians in the operation.

    KAA was hard pressed to explain how the 350 youths had accessed the airport and Sumra sought to have the head of security produce their names and national identification card numbers.

    Nairobi Women Representative Rachael Shebesh also sought to have lawyer Fred Ngatia, representing KAA, disqualify himself over conflict of interest, claiming he had at some pointed acted as businessman Kamlesh Pattni’s lawyer.

    Mr Pattni is linked to the duty free shops.

    Tabled Documents

    A heated debate ensued, with Ms Shebesh tabling documents to prove her claims, but the lawyer denied having acted for Pattni and insisted that he had represented another party in a suit involving World Duty Free shops.

    Mwingi Central MP Joe Mutambo also produced a letter dated August 6, which he claimed had sought to have Mr Ngatia disqualify himself from the session for being an interested party.

    However, Mutambo’s Runyenje’s counterpart Cecily Mbarire asked the committee chairman not to admit the letter as it did not bear any signature or stamp while Ngatia said he was not aware of such a letter.

    Ngati had earlier told the committee that the contract that led to the establishment of the duty free shops was an illegality and termed it fraud.

    This led to the MPs tasking the KAA MD to explain why the authority had been renewing the contract of the duty free shops if the contract was illegal.

    The MD explained that the authority had been dogged by irregularities for the past 25 years, but explained that the recent demolitions were part of efforts to streamline the authority’s operations.

    Security Risk

    During the session, Transport Cabinet Secretary Michael Kamau said the shops had posed a serious security risk and had also hampered the completion of Unit 4.

    Ngatia explained that the duty free shops’ ownership had been wrestled from the initial owner, Nasir Ibrahim, by Pattni when Nasir was expelled from the country.

    Ngatia told the committee that senior government officials had been involved in the scam.

    He pointed out that Nasir had revealed in a suit he filed in Washington seeking compensation after his expulsion that he had paid a $2 million bribe to get the contract signed in 1989.

    Three senior government officials at that time, namely Charles Mbindyo (Permanent Secretary, Treasury), Hezekiah Oyugi (Internal Security) and Secretary to the Cabinet Philip Mbithi failed to act on letters that were issued over the scam.

  • Pattni corruption

    Kamlesh Pattni’s New Sh4 Billion Scandal
    May 11, 2013

    Controversial businessman Kamlesh Pattni is set to pocket Sh4.2 billion worth of taxpayers’ money if the High Court upholds a hefty award issued in his favour by an arbitrator.

    Retired Ghanaian judge Edward Torgbor ordered the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) to pay the Kenya Duty Free (KDF) Complex associated with Mr Pattni the amount as part of a long running battle with the airports authority.

    If the court upholds the award, it will mean more billions of shillings will be paid to the same man who was at the heart of the multi-billion shilling Goldenberg scandal and who the Bosire commission of inquiry described as a notorious “perjurer, forger, fraudster and a thief”.

    At the heart of the case is a claim by the World Duty Free (WDF) Ltd – trading as Kenya Duty Free Complex – that it was awarded the sole exclusive rights to run and manage the duty-free shops at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and Mombasa’s Moi International Airport.

    An international tribunal later ruled that the award was obtained through corruption and bribery and should not be respected.

    But Mr Pattni and WDF have aggressively pursued their right to hold those exclusive rights.

    Justice Torgbor ruled in favour of WDF on December 5, 2012 and gave KAA two months to pay Mr Pattni Sh4.2 billion in full. He also allowed the controversial businessman to charge interest at court rates from the date of the first default on the outstanding amount.

    “For the acts of brutality and wanton destruction committed by KAA and its servants by the invasion of the claimant’s (WDF) contractual rights, forcibly breaking into the shops and needlessly pilfering, looting and destroying the goods and stocks in trade from which profits were paid to the authority, I order an award of Sh4.2 billion,” ruled Mr Torgbor.

    However, the KAA through lawyer Fred Ngatia, has challenged the award and the arbitrator’s entire findings before Justice Jonathan Havelock and has since obtained interim orders stopping the payments until the dispute is heard and determined.

    “I have noted with sadness and disbelief that the arbitrator proceeded to hear a very significant part of the proceedings in the absence of KAA’s advocates or representatives and without informing the management of KAA,” said Justice Havelock.

    In his ruling, the arbitrator concluded that the acts by KAA against Mr Pattni’s company were unwarranted and amounted to aggravated conduct “for which KAA is answerable in aggravated damages”.

    But in an application seeking to set aside the award in its entirety, the KAA argues that the agreement between it and WDF which formed the basis of the arbitral proceedings was procured through bribery and corruption and “is thus not valid or enforceable under the laws of Kenya”.

    Further, the authority through an affidavit sworn by its managing director Stephen Gichuki, claims the arbitration was conducted in a manner that deprived the airports operator of fair and reasonable opportunity to ventilate its case.

    Mr Gichuki said the award sought to interfere with the development of air transport facilities in Kenya on the basis of a contract procured through bribery and corruption. He insists the award is contrary to public policy, justice and morality.

    “None of the impugned findings and declarations in the award is severable from the other as the entire substratum of the subject matter is founded on a corrupt bargain to extract an illegal and improper benefit from public funds,” argues Mr Gichuki.

    At the centre of the dispute is an advertising concession and permission to operate duty-free shops granted by the KAA to third parties, without consultation.

    Mr Pattni accused the KAA of unlawfully contravening and grossly breaching his company’s sole and exclusive rights to construct, maintain, furnish and commercially operate duty-free shops by granting the concessions to third parties at JKIA other than Diplomatic Duty Free Ltd, also associated with Mr Pattni.

    The businessman named the third-party companies given the concessions as Goldrock, KWAL, Glamour House, Hand Carvers, Maya Duty Free Ltd, Beth International Ltd, Reno Perfumes, Safari Liquor and Siamanda.

    He also faulted the airports operator for giving advertising concessions to Ogilvy (East Africa) and Media Initiatives (East Africa) at JKIA and Moi International Airport. He said this contravened WDF’s purported exclusive rights to advertise or arrange for advertisements for other persons in the facilities.

    But it is the hefty award against the government authority that is likely to attract public attention given that it is wananchi and taxpayers who will foot the Sh4.2 billion bill.

    Shortly before he delivered his findings, Mr Torgbor asked: “Is the WDF entitled to damages and the reliefs sought in the statement of claim for the breach of contract by KAA?”

    “It follows from the findings and conclusions made and drawn on the preceding issues that the claimant is entitled to the declarations, orders, damages and reliefs as played,” said the arbiter.

    Quoting section 33 of the KAA Act, Mr Torgbor said the authority’s statutes allowed the injured party to be compensated, adding that restitution embraced the payment of damages and other acts the wrongdoer may be ordered to perform.

    On June 29 last year, KAA through lawyer Eric Mutua lodged an application in the High Court commercial division seeking the removal of Mr Torgbor as the sole arbitrator. KAA also pleaded that the arbitral proceedings be stayed pending the determination of the case.

    The authority complained to Justice Joseph Mutava that Mr Torgbor was not impartial and had failed to treat the parties to the arbitration on an equal footing. The arbitrator was accused of bias and issuing orders on matters where he lacked jurisdiction.

    Mr Pattni, through his advocate Bernard Kalove, submitted that the court had no powers to stop the arbitration proceedings, saying the KAA application had no merit and called for its dismissal. He argued that KAA ought to have made its application before the arbitral tribunal.

    On November 15 last year, Justice Mutava — who was investigated and subsequently cleared by the Judicial Service Commission for his conduct in handling matters relating to Mr Pattni — threw the KAA suit out saying the court lacked jurisdiction to challenge an arbitral tribunal. He added that the court could only come in at an appellate capacity and not as the court of first instance.

    After the ruling, KAA boycotted the proceedings, but Mr Torgbor went ahead to hear the WDF pleadings and awarded the company Sh4.2 billion.

    The amount includes Sh2.4 billion for lost and unearned revenue, Sh860 million general damages, Sh430 million aggravated damages, Sh275 million special damages, Sh247 million as revenue collected by KAA between 2005 and 2011 from advertising concessions granted to third parties and Sh5 million lost income from rent in 2011.

    Mr Gichuki says in court papers that he was shocked to learn that the arbitrator proceeded to hear a significant part of the proceedings in the absence of KAA’s advocates or any of its representatives. The hearing, he argued, was conducted without the knowledge of the management.

    The arbitrator found the concessions granted to third parties were in breach of a 1989 agreement and another dated January 29, 2003 which gave WDF exclusive rights to the duty-free shops. The retired judge dismissed KAA’s argument that the contract entered in 1989 was secured through bribery and therefore should not be subject of arbitration under the laws of Kenya.

    KAA cited the findings of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in 2006, which the WDF lost on the basis that the contract had been obtained through corruption.

    Kenya’s main defence against the Sh40 billion payout sought by the Dubai-based businessman Nassir Ibrahim Ali, who accused the government of breach of contract since he previously owned the duty-free shops through the House of Perfumes company, was that a contract procured by bribery was unenforceable.

    In the arbitration at The Hague, ICSID dismissed the claims saying the company through its agents in 1998 paid retired President Daniel arap Moi $500,000 (Sh 41.5 million), which was found to have been a bribe to secure the contract.

    Mr Ali had claimed he was conned out of the money after an introductory meeting allegedly arranged by former powerful nominated MP Rashid Sajjad at Mr Moi’s Kabarak home in Nakuru.
    That bribe formed the basis of the tribunal’s ruling that the whole duty free deal was null and void.

    But in Kenya, that decision has had little impact.

    On March 20, Justice Mutava caused uproar after he cleared Mr Pattni of all criminal and civil suits related to the monumental Goldenberg scandal and said he was ready to face public “lynching” elicited by his judgment.

    Absolving Mr Pattni from further prosecution, Justice Mutava said the businessman’s fundamental rights and freedoms had been violated by the State.

    He ruled that the prosecution’s conduct failed to meet the threshold of fair trial and consequently rendered Mr Pattni’s further prosecution unconstitutional.

    The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has given Justice Mutava a clean bill of health after it declared that it would not investigate the judge for arbitrarily ruling in favour of Mr Pattni and companies linked to him.

    The commission’s sub-committee headed by Supreme Court judge Smokin Wanjala ruled that there was insufficient evidence to warrant disciplinary proceedings against the judge.

    At least five complaints by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), KAA, individual lawyers, a judge and a civil society group were filed against the judge. All the complainants alleged the judge was assisting Mr Pattni to compromise justice. Mr Mutava was also accused of leaking a judgment by Mr Justice Leonard Njagi.

    The three-member sub-committee of Justice Smokin Wanjala, Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Gladys Shollei and the Rev Samuel Kobia had recalled all files relating to Mr Pattni’s cases handled by Justice Mutava to allow it to conduct independent investigations into the petition lodged by the LSK, KAA and the International Center for Policy and Conflict.

    The team resolved there were insufficient grounds to form a tribunal to investigate the conduct of the judge who was drafted in the Judiciary in 2011 from the Central Bank. KAA had also petitioned the JSC to investigate the judge over the raging dispute on WDF.

    The authority alleged the judge acted in a biased and unprofessional manner when he issued orders that effectively gave Mr Pattni control of duty-free shops at all airports in the country.
    The KAA also complained about a decision by Justice Mutava to cite the company’s top officials for contempt for disobeying court orders.

    The judge had ruled that KAA managing director and company secretary were in contempt of court and were liable to six months imprisonment. However, the authority disputed the ruling saying the case was not listed for hearing on the date they were alleged to have been in contempt.

    Another complaint against Justice Mutava was that he interfered with the judgment of Justice Njagi, who has since been found by the Judges and Magistrates Vetting Board to be unfit to continue serving in the Judiciary.

    Justice Njagi swore an affidavit to support the allegations but the JSC sub-committee ruled it lacked sufficient evidence.

    The LSK questioned the circumstances under which he was allowed to continue hearing the case and deliver the judgment at a time when he was being investigated over his handling of Mr Pattni’s cases.

    “All the files relating to Mr Pattni cases were recalled by the JSC when these complaints were lodged. We are wondering when they were released to the judge again for him to write the judgment,” asked the LSK secretary Apollo Mboya in their complaint.

    In a recent series of articles in the Sunday Nation, lawyer Wachira Maina said the conduct of the Judiciary in handling cases involving Mr Pattni showed an institution that had been infiltrated and compromised by the wily businessman.

    “There is enough evidence from Pattni’s 20-year romp through the Judiciary to warrant a fresh investigation and prosecution for abuse of the judicial process. It is a story of egregious and audacious fraud, manipulation, forgery and appalling impunity,’ Mr Maina wrote. “The Attorney-General, Prof Githu Muigai, can bring it to an end by asking the High Court to declare Pattni a vexatious litigant under the Vexatious Proceedings Act. If declared that, Mr Pattni would never file another case without the permission of the court.”

    – Daily Nation

  • illegal gold at JKIA

    Illegal gold exports linked to JKIA blaze
    Monday, August 12, 2013 – 00:00 — BY FRANCIS MUREITHI AND GIDEON KETER –

    Illegal gold trade involving billions of shillings between business men in Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and South Africa has been linked to last week’s fire at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). Documents in possession of the Star, including a report prepared by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) prior to the fire incident point to a major collusion between immigration officials, custom officials and police at JKIA in the illegal gold trade and money laundering.

    The Flying Squad in a confidential report has revealed that Sh3.4 billion has been transiting through JKIA every month in cash without any scrutiny and without the involvement of any bank or financial institution. On the spot are companies which Flying Squad says have been exporting gold and “transact in cash without involving banks or foreign exchange dealers.” The Flying Squad has unearthed that the gold exporters on the spot have not been using official monetary instruments declaration form at JKIA “but rather counterfeit forms which are not in quadruplicate as required by law”under the guise that the genuine and official forms are out of stock. Flying Squad has also said that from February 2013 to May 2013, passenger manifests obtained from Emirates Airline indicate the different names of people suspected to be couriers of the cash which are also reflected in the currency declaration forms.

    The squad has said there in need for an “explanation for cash amounting to US$40 million (Sh 3.4 billion) per month transiting through JKIA without any scrutiny and these large sums of cash not being banked.” The report by CID was finalized a few days before last week’s inferno at JKIA that destroyed the international arrivals terminal at Kenya’s largest airport. The Wednesday’s fire destroyed Customs area, immigration area and airport police. In essence, the fire destroyed all records at the immigration area, those of the custom department as well as vital information held by the police. There is a possibility that the subject of this investigation started on May 22, 2013 by officers from the Flying Squad Unit led by the unit’s head Munga Nyale, will be of interest to those looking in who may have started the fire.

    Vital documents related to the 17 shipments of gold valued at Sh 6.2 billion which was exported in 2010 by eight companies to the UAE, Canada, Italy and South Africa are believed to be among those destroyed during the fire. In 2011, the same companies exported gold worth Sh5.7 billion and a further Sh4.5 billion last year. Highly placed sources with the police and those familiar with the gold sector claim that unscrupulous gold traders working in cahoots with custom officials, police and immigration officials to facilitate the business have been shipping off gold smuggled from neighbouring countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo under the guise that it was all from Kenyan mines. “The gold is exported as originating from Kenya. It is usually transported at night to JKIA where unscrupulous immigration officials, custom officials and police collude to ensure that the cargo leaves the country without proper documentation or scrutiny.”

    The sources said that once the shipment arrives at its destination, payment is made in cash—usually in dollars. The cash is then brought into the country by couriers who are met at the airport by customs and immigration officers who facilitate their entry without proper documentation. The law requires that residents and non-residents bringing in cash equivalent to USD 5,000 (approximately Sh 500,000) and more need to hold documents indicating the source and the purpose of the amount. In its report, the Flying Squad has warned that there is possibility of the large amounts of cash illegally entering though JKIA “being used for funding terrorism, purchasing or smuggling of arms or money laundering.”

  • Is the End of Kikuyu tribe at the End> read here>Kandara – Man rapes mother, slashes his dad to death.
    by masharubu » Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:40 pm


    Murang’a, Kenya: A village in Murang’a was left in shock after a 30-year-old man slashed his father to death.

    Residents of Gatumbo village said the man reacted in rage after his father allegedly found him raping his mother.

    The shocking incident was reported in Kandara district by members of the public who responded to distress calls raised by the deceased Morris Mburu, 89.

    Kandara Deputy County Commissioner Kennedy Sese said Morris Mburu Ng’ang’a was slashed to death by his son shortly after he was found in bed with his mother.

    Sese said the old man who looked sickly raised alarm after seeing the beastly act.

    “He slashed his father on the head severally with a panga killing him on the spot before disappearing into unknown destination,” said the administrator.

    Sese said the woman explained what had transpired before she was rushed to Thika Level Five District Hospital for treatment.

    The residents from the village reported that after the alarm was raised, they moved to the house that was locked.

    “We broke into the house only to find the body of the victim lying in a pool of blood as the woman remained in bed in pain,” said one of the neighbour.

    A member of the public who declined to be named said they were woken up by alarm raised by the decesef

  • Uhuru Kenyatta &Ruto W#atanyolewa Mafusi bila manji?http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2013/08/m4m-launch-set-for-wednesday/

  • Former Kenyas President Emillio Mwai Kibaki Sister was raped and suffocated>by koblo » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:08 pm

    You are not Horny until you are Nyeri Horny.First it was donkeys. When these kicked butt, they went to cows. When these got too smart, they have descended on cucus.


  • nyeri-again-widow-80-yr-old-raped-for-several-days-by-local-men-t30697.html

  • ICC witnesses not coached



    Kenya: The ICC Witnesses Were Not Coached

    By Ken Wafula, 12 August 2013


    Last month Deputy President (DP) William Ruto told the International Criminal Court (ICC) that the case he is facing at the Hague was a “syndicate of lies” and a concoction by those opposed to justice and truth.

    And recently, President Uhuru through his lawyer applied to the High Court to have mobile providers Safaricom and Airtel compelled to hand in information targeting communications and money transfers done by four human rights activists and some diplomats that will prove that witnesses were bribed and coached.

    The DP had earlier, during the confirmation of charges told the Pre-Trial Chamber that the accusations and events linking him to the post election violence could only be possible in a movie.

    This line of argument has been pursued vigorously by the accused persons in case one and become a narrative whose objective is to subvert the truth and create a different line of belief.

    It is a fact that post election violence took place in Kenya after the 2007 general elections. It is a fact, too,t hat more than 1000 innocent people lost their lives and close to 600 000 others displaced. It is also a fact that the Kenyan government failed to establish a local tribunal to address the matter with none other than the DP telling all and sundry that it could take 99 years before the wheels of international criminal justice comes full circle.

    It therefore appears that the ICC accused persons are keen students of Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief who while justifying Adolf Hitler’s emerging madness against the Jews in Germany said that a “lie repeated many times becomes a truth” in reference to the populist allegations then that Jews were the breeders of problems afflicting the German Reich.

    First, I want to state that no witness was ever coached. The evidence presented at different levels of the PEV investigations were done by the witnesses voluntarily as a civic obligation to help the country get justice. At that early stage no one knew about ICC.

    I have been accused together with Maina Kiai, Senator Hassan Omar and a few others as being the said coaches of the ICC witnesses. Nothing can be further from the truth.

    In March 2008, when the embers of the ethnic violence were receding, several individuals from the North Rift approached a senior government official in the office of the President to assist them record statements over what they had witnessed during the chaos.

    With his intervention, the witnesses recorded their reports at the Rift Valley Provincial CID headquarters in Nakuru, then under the stewardship of Mohamed Amin.

    Most of them were to later record statements with the Kenya National Commission of Human Rights (KNCHR), Waki Commission and the ICC in that order. When you read all these statements, you realize that the witnesses knew or were sufficiently conscious of what they were reporting. The contents in these statements are similar.

    So, to allege that there was witness coaching is to tell a white lie. At what point were they coached? Is it When they first appeared before the then PS for Internal Security or when they recorded their statements with the then Rift Valley PCIO? Is it when they appeared before KNCHR? Or when they appeared before the Waki Commission? NO. Not at KNCHR nor Waki because the contents of the statements by the witnesses to KNCHR and Waki are similar in sequence and meaning with the ones recorded by the Rift Valley PCIO. Did ICC coach them? No. ICC relied on KNCHR, Waki Commission and the Rift Valley PCIO office reports to get to the witnesses. Their statements to ICC are replicas of those recorded by the PCIO in March 2008.

    It is true there have been some witnesses who have fallen out along the way. But unknown to Kenyans is the fact that some of the witnesses were removed from witness lists because it was discovered that they were either government spies or members of NSIS (one was a licensed firearm carrier) and therefore a threat to the security of the other witnesses. Others have dropped because of intimidation and threats while others especially for case two have been out rightly murdered. Yet some have been bribed or promised an assortment of goodies if they recanted their earlier testimonies.

    Some of the recent witnesses who have sworn affidavits to recant their statements have done so after they were removed from witness lists due to gross misconduct and engaging in acts unbecoming of persons under protection.

    No witness was ever coached. For the accused persons to cry foul and claim repeatedly that the charges before the ICC are a heap of lies is to exceed the limits of the mantra by Josef Goebbels, himself a one- time war crimes indictee at the Nuremberg.

    Wafula is the President of the National Association of Human Rights Activists(NAHRA)

  • Don't Be Vague ! lets go to Hague!

    Uhuru&Ruto Bankrupt Govt is turning East (to Communist Countries) hoping to sell their Exploited and Ruptured (ASS) by the west hoping Both China and Russia will accept to have Sex with a hore after making love (Anal Sex)with the whole world?http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Uhuru-set-for-Russia–China-visit/-/1056/1948186/-/xaop8b/-/index.html I hope Putni would like a destroyed Pussy from a Capitalist Uhuru Kenyatta hence the whole idea is to save his ass from the ICC!Ruto called it a Movie!

  • Very Good News !!! Kenyan People has lost faith(confidence) withPolice ! Henya police leading in Raping!
    Kenya Police leading in bank robberies! Kenya Police leading in shooting innocence civilians!
    Kenya Polce leading in Corruption/bribes/hiring their gangs to criminals/taking part in robbing rich people withdrawing money from banks& Atm machines!
    Kenya police being hired to murder asassination squads by both Government and private people. etc> read here how a Nyerian tough lady castrating &chopping off a Rapist police sexual organs>Woman Chops Off Lover’s Private Parts, Nyeri

    There was drama in Nyeri town after a police officer’s private parts were chopped off by his girlfriend. The officer is said to have disagreed with his girlfriend while in bed at Nyeri Police Divisional Headquarter’s police line. His lover got angry after the disagreement and fished out a sharp knife and cut off his private parts. The officer was rushed to a local private hospital by a colleague while bleeding profusely. Conflicting reports emerged regarding whether the officer was discharged or was transferred to another private hospital. The lover is said to have visited the officer at his house at the police line prior to the incident. Police have launched a manhunt for the woman who is currently at large. The officer who is in his early 30s has served in the station for about a year. By James Kariuki – Citizennews.co.ke

  • WelCome to Kenya Of Uhuru Kenyatta & William Rito ICC indictees> Where The Rogue State has collapsed Citizens takes law in their hands>

  • Egypt/Tunisia Style.com

    Egypt/Tunisia Style.com Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 15, 2013 at 12:31
    Where are Kenyan (Devilish dead brain Youth) who should start Revolution in Kenya this youth from Nairobi was brutalized by City Corrpt Uhuru Kenyatta Akaris> The youth should go to the streets and rebel untill the Rogue Govt Act!

  • The Saga at Kenyatta National Hospital >A nurse whose father is a tycoon raped a poor patient who comes from the poor family.And the poor lady died mysteriously at the same (corrupt)= hoapital who is save in a Hospital where dead patients disapear for their organs in great demand everywhere?Sometimes its better to burn such a corrupt institute -Its no worthy salt

  • Jamlick Wambare.

    Go to Uhurus Kenyatta’s Kenyaand meet Newly Established (HORE’S-HOUSE)Or Popuraly known as (Pussy House)>

  • This is real Devil The people of the world should know Egypt Serves The Satan the Devil!http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/inpictures/2013/08/2013814142336191647.html<<Every dead Egyptian is Shot in the head!!

  • no salary for judges
  • Corrupt Kenya Judges can do without july pay hence they get over than doubble pay through corruption I hope there is any Kenyan who can symphasize with criminal corrupt takataka judges & magistrates

  • Airport Fire at Jomo Kenyatta Airport Nairobi>When Gnus are crossing River-Mara >Baboons are at the same time crossing Thika-Road built by the Communist China>

  • Demyo Demyonyut

    Baboons are killed daily when crossing this road>Asian engineers better think for Uhuruto corrupt Govt>

  • Uhuru Kenyatta Going East. my ass.

    After Jomo Kenyatta Airport inferno Kenya Govt heads East from where the Wise men came when they Saw the Star Rising from the East When Jesus Of Nazareth was born in Bethlehem Judah!It’s not far-away from Beijing to Pyongyang (North Korea) hence cheap Scud Misiles that can shoot Down American Drones flying Over Uhuru Kenyatta’s & William Ruto territory!

  • Zakayo thebedeius

    Chinese (In China)there are speialist men in Pepetaring President asses!Uhuru Kenyatta should take care of his ass others chinese gonna pepeter him both styles!Chinese are really tough >Mao Zeitung Cutural Revolution!

  • Zakayo thebedeius

    Jomo Kenyatta Airport fire>Maina Njenga went in hiding /hence Uhuru Kenyatta wanted to Silence him for ever!

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    EX KWEKWE KILLER COPS FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES>Which Lives after being Used by a criminal govt? Let them die hence these Idiots never used their brains! how did they feel when they were murdering innocent lives of their countrymen and humans just becouse they were taking orders from their criminal bosses!

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    Ex-Kwekwe killer cops fear for their lives Updated Thursday, August 8th 2013 at 19:44 GMT +3

    Three former members of a Mungiki extermination police squad have recorded crucial information with a city lawyer days after their ex-boss was murdered in Kitui, The Nairobian has learnt.


    The officers, who were once attached to the dreaded Kwekwe Squad, fear their lives could be in danger after the mysterious shooting of Chief Inspector Zebedayo Maina on August 3.

    The Nairobian has learnt the three believe a secret police hit squad has been formed to murder officers thought to have vital information on the 2007/2008 post-election violence and the large-scale killing of suspected Mungiki members. It is estimated that tens of people were murdered in Operation Maliza Mungiki.

    Contacted by The Nairobian, Interior ministry Principal Secretary Mutea Iringo dismissed the allegations that a hit squad had been formed.

    “That’s not conceivable; it is illegal. Police can’t do that,” he said in a terse response to our inquiries.

    But the city lawyer acting on behalf of some members of the disbanded Kwekwe squad says his clients are living in fear.

    “They know very well they may not survive and that is why three of them have already approached me seeking my advice. They are willing to spill the beans,” said the lawyer, who requested anonymity for fear of being targeted. He added that more officers in a similar situation have also contacted him and are ready to swear affidavits for safekeeping ion case they are murdered.

    “There is a lot of discontent especially within the Flying Squad and Special Crime Prevention Unit from where most of the Kwekwe squad members were drawn. The officers are not happy because they believe the killer squad is enjoying the backing of powerful individuals,” he claims. The nature of the information the officers hold is unclear, but it may touch on state sanctioned extra-judicial killings and the involvement of powerful individuals in the post-election violence.

  • Nurses in Kenyatta National Hospitals are conspiring in Rape cases perpetrated by criminal nurses working on night duties at the Hospital there are cases where Patients are drugged (overdose) then raped ! Crime of rape in Kenya hospitals is being shielded by the Hospital administration who are very corrupt in many ways at Kenya’s hospitals>

  • Alibhai Alibhaishi

    In a very Remote Airdrome Uhuru Kenyatta was humiliated hence ICC indictee!His ANUS was Checked for Smugling Canabis Sativa>By Jon Stewart – No frills President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who loves Karate and not ICC suspects completely ignored the March 4th elected President of Kenya whose stampede in Moscow only captured the imagination of a few Kalenjin athletes and no other segment of the socialist state!

    So dejectedly snubbed was the March 4th elected President of Kenya that sources who boarded the plane with him where almost dropped in the pacific ocean for not warning the president earlier enough. Imagine, as Kenyatta arrived at a small unknown airport, the equivalent of the Miraa-starved Wajir Airstrip, security personnel, some very junior by our own standards, ransacked every luggage of the President for any weapon of ethnic cleansing which sources had earlier told Kremlin the ICC accused duly elected March 4th President of Kenya was allegedly smuggling in an attempt to hide evidence from the feared mother of justice, Fatou Bensouda (LOL).

    As usual, a host of local reporters, many from k24 and Kameme FM, had been airlifted to Moscow to broadcast live the meeting between Karate loving Putin and our duly elected March 4th President of Kenya. This meeting did not take place because it was not suppose to take place. It was not supposed to take place because Kenyatta, with the ICC cases hanging on his neck, lacks legitimacy in the international community. Putin, like Obama, also takes seriously the murder charges against the March 4th duly elected President of Kenya. Indeed, choices have consequences.

    While in Russia, the president was handed back the book-long vest of policeman and runner Ezekiel Kemboi which had some bad writings. A source close to no frills Putin now claims when the Russian leader inquired to know what the Mohawk wearing Kenyan athlete had written on his vest; he was so appalled that he ordered the organizers of the Olympics to burn that vest. For now, we do not know what to believe because we all along thought Kemboi handed over the bad omen vest to Kenyatta. This new information has baffled us too; but we will follow it for you. Keep peace!

    But we will be lying if we do not mention that Kenyatta in deed met some Russians. Except for the security policemen at the airport, Kenyatta met a section of inner city (equivalent to Embakasi chapter of Kenya Chamber of Commerce) Russian Chamber of Commerce officials whose lectures bordered on the fundamentals of commerce. It should be noted that these were neither investors nor officials of the Russian government. Which brings us to the million shilling question: Why did the presidential press service lie that Kenyatta’s visit to Moscow was a STATE visit, or to make it more succinct; a bilateral trade tour?

    While we do not yet know how the Beijing tour will go; Kenyans should begin living with the sad truth that ours is the most discredited leader of an emerging African nation in the 21st Century, except, fortunately, that we have Zimbabwe and Somalia in the continent. After Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping handing over political power, the current leaders of China may very well snub Jomo II.

    Kenya under Jubilee Alliance, whose chief pet campaign issue was excessive bashing of the West and dealing with the East, is fast realizing that the international community is not composed by only two tribes. Already, after the Moscow-Beijing visit, we can comfortably say that the Uhuru-Ruto government has knocked all the doors which the were to replace the Western world. Just the other day, Ruto came back from Japan empty-handed and headed straight some hurriedly arranged “home-coming” ceremony of some URP politician in the arid north. Empty-handed is the word.

    While it was widely reported that Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero was to accompany Uhuru to China, this too remains to be seen as the economic relevance of the trip is not currently guaranteed. Kidero, elected by ODM under CORD, is now being said to have developed an ice-cold feet and a melting scrotum; considering the shame that the much hyped Russia tour has brought to the March 4th President of Kenya.

    Shock: Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Snubs Uhuru, Ego-Wounded President now Heads To China “I will give you an offer you can’t refuse…” Don Corleone
    Reply With Quote .

  • Loab Joab Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 19, 2013 at 13:41
    Why was Uhuru Kenyatta smuggling Bangi (drugs ) Using his ANUS? KGB is better equptthan FBI>I enjoy when Primitive Niggers read the writting on the wall Wrong!Uhuru Kenyatta was Anal checked by the KGB (russian Secret Police>Looking for drugs smuggling using his dirty black anus>ICC is there to Stay They have seen arrogants before Uhuru Kenyatta & Pumbavu Ruto Kalenjin thug ! Uhuru&Ruto must undergo Mental Examination first!

  • To make matters worse the Kenyan media is trying so hard to hide the truth of what is happening to their president on his tour branded “Turning East” of course only till when “East turned West” on Kenya proving irrelevance of this sturbornly bragging nation when it comes to seeking glorification. What a shame… Bwahahaahahhhh

    Trying to see whether Xi Jinping will meet Uhuru and his entourage or the treatment will remain the same! So far Mr Uhuru had been snubbed at home (By Obama) and away (By Putin). A record set by any African leader so far cause even Mugabe is very smart to know the no go zones for his nose! what a diplomatic mess by a seating Government that proves to be in total shambles. As a challenge ahead, the GOK should at least try to smell the coffee to know what is out there in the International coffers for them to gather before the title “Mr snubbed” becomes catchy on Uhuru’s Presidency.

    Waiting for Uhuruto ICC trials hearing starting on September 10th

  • I hope and pray these conmen and thieves will not rape these poor American girls>

  • Kikuta Kisemo Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 20, 2013 at 09:31
    Why detain innocent American in Kenya?What is USA Embassy doing in Nairobi ?Has USA Ambassador joined Corruption in Kenya?Why should President Obama place very weak corrupt USA ambbassador in Kenya always?How comes USA Citizens are detained untill all miss their flights to USA?Why is there anti-Americans tedency in Kenya these days?Why can’t USA act like a Democratic leading Nation?Don’t they have any power since Uhuru Kenyatta turned to the Communist East?
    USA should not show her failures to African dictators! Suppose these detained USCitizens are raped/molested /robbed by criminals who are coo-perating with these rogue Kenyan corrupt Policemen?

  • Kenyan Women set a record of drug smuggling cartels using Anus-transport System!Majority of flying Kenyan women abroad are mostly feug-traffickers being used by very high ranking people in the govt!Anus transport system is very common but with X-rays at the Airports do not always succed in arresting smugglers due to well organized and corrupt Air-port officials in most Western European AirportsUpdate: Kenyan woman reported missing in Italy arrested with 600g of cocaine in France
    Posted by admin on Monday, August 19, 2013 · Leave a Comment

    UPDATE: The Kenyan woman who authorities feared she had been kidnapped has been found in a French jail. Virginia Njuguna, 43, was arrested in at the Charles de Galle aiport in Paris, France with 600g of cocaine on July 24th. According to French police, they are considering Ms Njuguna as a drug carrier. She is currently being held at a women’s prison in Fleury-Merogis country town in the South of Paris.

    Police believe that she had obtained the drugs in Brussels and was to board a plane to Turin, Italy

    Earlier, Ms Njuguna’s daughter Kathleen had reported her mother missing after a trip to Brussels. She had last spoken to her while she was in Paris. Kathleen had reported getting a phone call from Turkey which led police to believe she had been kidnapped and taken to Turkey.

    While announcing her mother’s disappearance, her daughter Kathleen explained that her mother travels frequently and this was no different as she travelled to Brussels on business. She said that they had sent numerous messages to her phone but there has been no response.

    From messages Ms Njuguna had sent to her daughter, she seemed like she was conducting business as usual in Paris before she disappeared into thin air.


  • Kwekwe Squad burried their dead dog which died on duty!POLICE chief inspector Zebedayo Maina, 49, who was shot dead a fortnight ago was laid to rest at his Nyeri home on Fri- day. Hundreds of mourners attended the burial of the Kitui Deputy CID boss at Miiri Primary School in Mathira. Police gave Zebedayo a 21- gun-salute.Speakers at the ceremony said Zebedayo was a hardworking officer.

    Inspector of Police David Kimaiyo, in a speech read on his behalf by senior assistant commissioner of police Samuel Nyambenge, said Zebedayo was a devoted and disciplined officer.He left behind five children. The chief inspector died under mysterious circumstances after being shot in Kitui while rescuing a kidnapped child.

    Speaking to the press later, the family members led by elder Maina Wachira said justice must be done and those behind the ex- CID officer’s death must face the law.Wachira said they are waiting for the final investigation report from the government.

    “We were promised thorough investigations by the police,” Wachira said.He said Zebedayo was very active in the local church and com- munity programmes. Zebedayo was buried at his Miiri home

  • This happens only in kenya where criminals blows the pipe>

  • Hotentot Hotezburg

    Why is the ICC displaying their weakness when dealing with Uhuru/Ruto?Why is Uhuru/Ruto being handled special unlike Radovan Mirocevic the former President of Yugoslavia?and other powerful prisoners in Hague?

  • Hotentot Hotezburg

    Why is UHURU selling Kenya So cheap to Chinese?Is kenya worth 5Billion dollars

  • Msondo mzondo!Kothicha Nikocica ni kwikyo

  • The Corrupt Kikuyu/Kale Govt Making a Mhindi(Kamresh Pattni) a Scapegoat!
    Be ware of these GEMA Bandits They use you and damp you!Pity the Poor Baniani brought in Kenya as Railway workers by British Colonial Masters>

  • What are Western Imperialism thinking when they see this New marriage after Uhuru divorced them? China has a new place in Kenyas Internal Politics !https://kenyastockholm.com/2013/08/10/jkia-fire-exposes-government-inefficiency-and-corruption/#comment-35756

  • Mating baboons in bad mood>How tough are these African Kaffir men&women>

  • Mheshimiwa wa (Nyani) William Samoei Arap Ruto Just show up your killing instict face in Hague and you will be locked in a tiny cell!Jaribu kama wewe Sio Ng’etai?

  • KENYA suffered a blow yesterday when the UN General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution in support of the ICC. In the last few months, Kenya has been pulling all the stops to disparage the ICC in the eyes of UN Security Council. Through Permanent Representative to the UN Macharia Kamau, Kenya has criticised the philosophical basis of the ICC almost suggesting it be scrapped.

    But on Thursday, the UNGA in its 95th meeting endorsed the ICC and called on members to “ensure cooperation and assistance in the arrest and surrender of suspects, provision of evidence, protection and relocation of victims and witnesses and in the enforcement of sentences.”

    The resolution was sponsored by 59 member states but was adopted by consensus. There was no record of Kenyan delegation speaking. The Sudan delegation however ensured their anti-ICC stance was reflected in the resolution.

    “Sudan’s representative pointed out that, since his country was not a State party, it did not recognize the Court’s jurisdiction, and would, therefore, not recognize its decisions. That applied to other non-States parties to the Statute, he said, adding that he was not interested in today’s resolution,” a statement from the assembly read. The assembly hailed ICC’s first judgment against Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga as “an important step in ensuring accountability of those responsible for international crimes.”

    Both president Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto are facing crimes against humanity charges at the ICC. In May, Macharia asked the UNSC to terminate the Kenyan cases and to reconsider the value of ICC

  • Mzungu cleaning Kenyan roads

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