Pamela Omiti Harambee on Saturday 27th July


Burial of Pamela’s 10 relatives in April last year after the family members perished in a road crash near Ahero in Kisumu County.

As many Kenyans in Stockholm are probably aware, Pamela Omiti lost her sister in Kenya last week after a short illness and now, she needs to travel to Kenya to attend her sister’s funeral. After she fell ill, Pamela’s sister was rushed to Russia hospital in Kisumu County. By the time she arrived at the hospital, she had serious difficulties in breathing and when Doctors saw that her condition was critical, the sister was put on a respirator at the ICU. Unfortunately, she never woke up and died one day later, plunging Pamela’s whole family into sudden and deep mourning.

A Prayer Meeting/Harambee is scheduled at Pamela’s residence on Saturday, 27th July 2013 from 17.00 hrs. In the meantime, an “Open House” has been set up at Pamela’s residence at Flygkörsvägen 13 in Täby municipality where friends, relatives, sympathisers and well-wishers have all been invited to condole with the bereaved family and to help them cope with serious grief. Pamela has suffered a lot of close family bereavements in the last few years, the saddest having been the loss of ten family members last April in a road crash at Ahero in Kisumu county. The accident shocked the whole of the Kenyan nation while the huge number of deaths from one family saw many observers assume agape postures as they pondered the magnitude of a calamitous accident which was precipitated by circumstances that have still not yet been properly understood.

KSB sends deep condolences to Pamela’s family during this period of great shock and sorrow following the death of a close and loved member of the family. We at KSB hope that the family will find strength, courage and humility to go through this very difficult moment marked with sad emotions and great grief as the family mourns the sudden loss of a loved member whose departure has, no doubt, left a huge gap which will be impossible to fill. As a close member of the family, there is no doubt that the departed sister was very much loved by all those who knew her but now, she is gone for ever to be with her creator.

The best Pamela’s close friends and well-wishers can do at this very difficult and trying moment is to support the family emotionally through constant encouragement and to ensure that Pamela travels home to attend her sister’s funeral in Kenya. The entire family of Pamela deserves the Prayers of everybody who believes in the comforting power of our Lord and creator. It is God who giveth life and God who taketh away life at the anointed hour.

As the bible says, there is a time to be born and a time to die. May the soul of Pamela’s departed sister rest in eternal peace until the big day of Judgement when everybody, dead or alive, will rise to account and answer for their lives and deeds on planet earth. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Okoth Osewe

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