Download: Secret Letter to UN Security Council from Kenyan Rep to UN

Kenyan Representative to UN wants Uhuruto Cases Terminated

secret letter to UN



  • Harry Hazueruth

    What else would you expect from Kamau Macharie Gema fighting and defending Kikuyu King!
    If there is Something terrifying and frightening Uhuru Kenyatta and William
    Ruto is Hague case The ICC in Hague is feared by all world dictators Becouse This Court doesn’t stop charging Kings ,Queens and Mostly Nigger Presidents Commonly known as Mad Dogs:Who kills their Citizens like Insects: Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto should be hailed to set a good Signs to the rest remaining African Mad-Dictators!

  • Zukoth Ribai

    Uhuru Kenyatta & Ruto are habitual criminals who must face the ICC in Hague!

  • surely is this a mockery of kenyan inteligence or what???????…impunity must stop!

  • Gideon Nanjala.

    The Letters Aim was to Free The Kikuyu-King from The ICC in Hague and Sacrify The Stupid Lumbwa (William Ruto)= who burned Uhuru Tibe Children in Eldoret Church!Ruto Fake Friendship with Kikuyu-King will not end up well! Kikuyu Owns Kenya ! And Kenya is Kikuyu !
    41 sleeping tribes must bow to Kikuyus !

  • hegue is not the supreme court of kenya please.note that if that case does not go through when it happens again no one will want to here of the hague or koffi annan or anything else including the supreme court of kenya.i thing we have no one to deffent us not even the constitution because as we see no one cares for us.but time will come when kenyans (and not tribes) will wake up and whatever they’l do dont ask me.

    On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 6:00 AM, Kenya Stockholm Blog wrote:

    > ** > makozewe posted: “Kenyan Representative to UN wants Uhuruto Cases > Terminated “

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