The Late “Millie Fund Raising” on Saturday, 11th May at Odensalavägen in Mäsrta.

Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers are cordially invited to the fund raising Party for the transportation of Millicent Omaya’s body to Kenya. The Party will take place on Saturday, 11th May 2013 at odensalavägen 1 (Norrbackaskolan) in Märsta from 13.00 hrs to the next day on Sunday May 12th 12.00.

The DJ on the Mike will be the one and only one: DJ Jimmy who will rock the crowd all night long. Clay Onyango, the Chairman of the “Millie Funeral Committee” in Stockholm has appealed to all everybody to attend the Party to celebrate the life of Millie while at the same time raising funds for the transportation of his body to Kenya for burial.

Millicent, who was the wife of George Doctor, passed away last week after a long battle with cancer, plunging relatives and friends alike, into deep mourning. She lived a good life, she faught a good fight and now she has departed to rest in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe


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