Kenya Elections: Raila Odinga Tells His Side of the Story in London



  • Time to Rebel

    It was very wrong to allow Kikuyu Ruling class to rigg Uhuru and Ruto to become President and deputy .How comes Another Kikuyu wanted by the ICC in Hague become Kenyas President; Why did Kenyan people accepted rigged election in Kenya? Replacing Kikuyu with another Kikuyu! Why did Raila Oginga accepted Rigged elrction >For fear of being taken to Hague . It would be better to resist Hague rather than letting Kikuyu ruling class thugs to rigg Uhuru Kenyatta! Cord leaders made a huge mistake for accepting rigging and trusting Kikuyu cousin Willy Mutunga ! I think Cord has the right to do everything within their Power to Overthrow A fake Uhuruto Government of Thugs wanted in Hague!

  • sasa analilia wazungu kwani wana vote ya kenya?

  • Eric Omondi jicho Pevu
  • London Intrests What?

    How dirty is Kenya London politics ?>

  • What are Kenyans intrests?

    Can Kenya cut thre relation with United Kingdom?

  • Imathew Bevov Bechu.

    Cord must make sure Kenya is un-governable hence Jubilee arrogancy!
    Over 5 million Cord Voters should not be ignored by Jumbilee thugs!

  • @wakariro
    You are dense just like those who have votes in kenya and choose wolvws who want to gobble them up…
    Being used by the hague suspects cz of your ignorance….endeleeni kuhustle by the time you wake up youths!you wil have wasted your 24 loooong years shouting jubilee to your death in poverty!

  • Uhuru Kenyatta & Ruto looks ver defeated Thugs> They are losers and shit-pit Latrin

  • What is wrong with you people? is it really that hard to accept Jubilee’s victory. You claim to have the interests of Kenyans at heart, and yet everything you say gives absolutely no proof of this inclination. you’re supposed move to be champions of the victim-ed minority is nth but a show of bigotry. one party lost and another won, it happens, that’s life: Get over it!
    and you who claims that the youth have wasted their opportunity to make a choice, while I may agree that some were easily swayed and others sycophantic, the point is, a choice was made- you have no right whatsoever to in-dignify that choice.
    and one more thing, ever heard of “innocent until proven guilty” because that’s what the president of Kenya is -innocent until proven guilty, so i suggest you quit stating that he’s a rapist and a murderer because this does not in any way earn you any cool points.
    While i may agree that have an ICC inductee as leader of our republic is highly controversial and a tad humiliating, I believe voters were aware of these consequences and Kenyans in general are prepared to accept this and move on. I suggest you do the same.

  • Keith Sirimoe

    Mrs/mrsreliwilde!You must be a chizophrenic (really) suffering For your information Why is USA President Obama avoiding Visiting Kenya and he is Partly Kenya Hence his dad was born in Kenya and President of the USA has Kenyan Half DNA! So you are trully wrong and have been brainwashed by Uhuruto ICC indictees!USA /UK /EU dosn’ need any UN mandate to attack Kenya and remove Uhuruto dirty govt!They have done it in Iraq/Afhganistan/Panama/and elsewhere!USA vhas killer drones that can be used to hunt and kill both Uhuru/Bashir of Sidan and Ruto!Kenyan chose wrong choice has its effect!Kenya will suffer for making wrong choices by electing war-criminals who are now being traded (any time ICC cases are draying) some under(hidden) contracts are being signed) secretely! do not forget Chinese contracts (given to china) instead of such Contracts traditionary goes to the westen Countries USA/UK/CANADA/FRANCE /AUSTRALIA!
    Wake up from your sleeping You dirty looking Niggers!Of Kenya!

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