Jacinta Njoroge, Winnie and Mercy Back from Kenya After Monicah’s Funeral

The family of Jacinta Njoroge would like to thank everybody who showed solidarity with the family following the demise of Jacinta’s sister, Monicah, in Kenya. In a message transmitted to KSB, Jacinta said that they were able to travel home for the funeral. “We whole heatedly embrace your effort. May God bless you all”, said the message which was signed by Jacinta and Monicah’s two daughters, Winnie and Mercy.

At KSB, we welcome Jacinta back from Kenya and hope that the family has now began a process of healing following the loss of a loved member. Coping with the death of a loved one is a process and we can only hope that the bereaved family will receive the support it needs from friends and well wishers following their return from Kenya.

Okoth Osewe


One comment

  • We, Kenyans are in a delegation of four attending a SIDA training at the Scandic Sergel Plaza for the entire month. There are other Africans in the team. We would be glad if we could meet other Kenyans and maybe the Embassy staff to share experiences in one of the weekend days. I know Osewe from way back.

    KSB: I have your number now and will soon get in touch.

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