Mzee Kenneth Thugge Pases Away in Stockholm

A Kenya residing in Stockholm Sweden passed away last Tuesday 19th March 2013 while undergoing treatment at the St Göran Hospital. Mzee Kenneth Thugge died three weeks after he was admitted at the hospital leaving behind his wife and family members in Sweden, Kenya, and the USA.

Mzee Thugge was the husband to Mrs Juliet Thugge, he was father to Mr George Thugge a well known Kenyan who now lives in Kenya and works in hotel management, Dr Kamau Thugge who works for the IMF and at the Treasury, Ministry of Finance Kenyan, Ms Mary Thugge a Kenya resident in Gustavsberg, Ms Nancy Thugge, Ms Lucy Thugge in Stockholm and former Makadara parliamentary aspirant Ms Connie Thugge.

Friends and family members are meeting at the home of Mrs Juliet Thugge Glömmingegränd 18 1tr in Tensta for and to console and there is an Open House for all.

A committee in charge of arrangements for the transportation and the funeral of the late Mzee will be formed tomorrow Friday 22nd. Further information will be relayed. Anyone willing to be part of the committee or to help in anyway is welcome.

For condolence and further information please call mama Juliet Thugge on 08 7612066, Ms Mary Thugge on 070 4574921 or Nancy Thugge on 070 7486628. May Mzee Kenneth Thugge’s soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.


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