Lack of Kenyatta Day Bash “A Punishment to Kenyans”

It is official. There will be no Kenyatta day bash this year and there is nothing Kenyans in Stockholm can do about it because H.E Mrs Purity Muhindi and her deputy, Jenipher Awuor made a decision long time ago that this year’s Kenyatta day bash will be off the menu.

KSB has established that the official reason for this move is because “there are no funds” allocated for Kenyatta day but a source close to the Embassy reported that the main motivation is because Kenyans had boycotted this year’s Madaraka day that was held at the residence of Ambassador Purity.

Traditionally, Madaraka day, which is normally celebrated on June 1st, has had no official funds allocated to it from Nairobi but this year, the Ambassador fixed it. The same kind of fix could have been done for Kenyatta day even if funds were missing but because Kenyans had “misbehaved” by boycotting Madaraka day, Embassy bosses decided to “punish the community” by ensuring that the event did not take place.

The fix normally comes from funds allocated for “Entertainment” which is flexible and which gives Embassy bosses a lot of lee way to divert funds for whatever reason. It is from this fund that money is normally extracted to entertain VIPs at secret dinners and other related “eat tax payer’s money” detours.

During this year’s Madaraka day that was boycotted by Kenyans, a source told KSB that the Ambassador had intended to use the occasion to re-invent herself and to use the home environment at her residence to repair her tattered image following a series of incredible gaffes which have chocked some Kenyans like fish bones stuck in the esophagus.

Unfortunately, the event suffered a major and historic boycott that spiraled the emotive Ambassador into an enfeebling bout of serious depression that stupefied Embassy personnel including Jenipher.

The Embassy runs a hackneyed website which, nevertheless, it could have used to elongate to Kenyans on why this year’s Kenyatta day has been put on ice. However, it is understood that the bully lady diplomats believe that Kenyans here are so worthless that they don’t even deserve an explanation on the issue because after all “nobody will complain” apart from the traditional jeremiad from KSB.

The Ambassador reportedly hates me like venom and believes that I am a “nut case” but if you ask me, I think she is a dimwit who should be serving under Moses Wetangula’s Clerk at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not swinging at Embassy corridors as Kenya’s Plenipotentiary.

There is a misconception at the Embassy that Kenyans in Stockholm are “dying” to be invited at Embassy functions. From KSB research, majority of Kenyans are too busy to bother about these invitations and the biggest reason for attendances in the past has been both social and patriotic.

Now that the Embassy thinks that Kenyans are hooked on these functions, some Wananchi are beginning to lose interest in them and the risk is that Jamhuri (which must take place Purity apende asipende) may also be boycotted.

“The issue is not about going there to eat and drink because I think all Kenyans in Stockholm can afford to eat and drink whatever they want. The issue, for me, is to show respect for our national days even if we are far away from home and to meet fellow Kenyans on these important days”, a Kenyan told KSB during a survey.

As Purity’s days at the Embassy continues to shrink, she has settled on a strategy based on collecting a few conformists whom she can call at short notice whenever she needs a semblance of Kenyan faces to show up when her bosses are in town.

A dinner with Kenyan VIPs without a “non diplomatic Kenyan face” could be spooky so Purity has a list of the “good boys and girls”. Mr. Martin Ngatia calls them Walambaji and after they are through, they go to the net and begin to talk about the “big shots” from Kenya whom they met. They even forget that the invitations were confidential!

I hope that our religious community are praying for Purity – to go – so that we can begin a new era! The failure to organize Kenyatta day represents a failure of the Embassy even if Purity and company believes that they are “punishing Kenyans” in Stockholm.

She is the main loser because she will not be able to get another opportunity for yet another cold “Kenyatta day” speech. This means that her last year’s Kenyatta day speech will continue to hang at the outdated Embassy web site probably until a new Ambassador is posted to Stockholm.

Okoth Osewe

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