Joseph Munene Sends Kenyatta Day Greetings

Mr. Joseph Munene aka “Man Nzoro”, a Kenyan resident in Stockholm, has sent greeting to Kenyans at home and abroad on the occasion of this year’s Kenyatta day which falls today 20th October.

Speaking to KSB, Mr. Munene said that be believes that “Kenyatta day” should be recognized as “Heroes day” in honour of all Kenyans who participated in the anti-colonial struggle in our country.

He said that unlike last year, it was a mistake that the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm had failed to organize an event for Kenyans in Stockholm on this important day although he added that he was celebrating the day in his own way.

“Last year was the first time that the Embassy organized Kenyatta day and it is disappointing that the event has been ignored this year”, said Man Nzoro.

According to the Kenyan, Kenyatta day is a day when the Embassy could have seized on the opportunity to educate young Kenyans in Sweden who know little about the day’s importance.

“This could have been done through speeches or presentations explaining what Kenyatta day is all about”, he said. He said that National days should not be reduced to food and drinks but should also be used for political education especially among the Kenyan youth.

Man Nzoro said that he was very disappointed that because of lack of attention, some Kenyans are no longer in a position to differentiate between Kenyatta day, Madaraka day and Jamhuri day.

He said that the Grand Coalition government should make it a point of instructing all Kenyan embassies to ensure that Kenyatta day is celebrated by Kenyans across the world as “Hero’s day” by organizing events to mark day.

Okoth Osewe

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