“Ukweli Wa Mambo” Download (May-June 2007)

“Ukweli wa Mambo” is a Swahili Newsletter produced by Hon Mwandawiro Mghanga who is currently being harassed by the Kibaki dictatorship using false accusations that he is a member of Mungiki. KSB will soon set up an “Ukweli Wa Mambo” link so that readers can follow the Mwandawiro contributions. Mwandawiro has been exiled in Sweden and returned to Kenya to practice politics.

It is therefore unthinkable that a government that was elected on a platform of change could begin to harass and intimidate a patriotic Kenyan like Mwandawiro who has made great contributions to the struggle for democracy and human rights in Kenya. Hon Mwandawiro has not only gone to jail because of his political beliefs but was also forced into exile soon after his release from prison. 

KSB condemns the current intimidation of Hon Mwandawiro by the Kibaki government which is using false pretences to take Mwandawiro out of the scene because of fear that Mwandawiro is radicalizing his constituents especially on the thorny issue of stolen land in Wundanyi constituency which he represents. Thousands of people in Wundanyi are landless while a few rich land owners have grabbed thousands of acres of land in the constituency.

The situation is the same in the Rift valley where thousands of Kenyans are landless while white Europeans are still owning vast pieces of land stolen from Wananchi. Just like all progressive Kenyans, KSB will continue to defend Mwandawiro against witch hunting and unfounded attacks by the Kibaki government. To download the newsletter (in pdf), point to the following link: Ukweli Wa Mambo .

Okoth Osewe