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Ngatia: Kenya is Led by Criminals; Raila is the Rejected Cornerstone; Ruto will Never be President

According to Chairman Martin Ngatia, Kenya is led by criminals bent on stealing public resources and this, according to Ngatia, explains why corruption in government continues to thrive unabated. Mr. Ngatia says that unless there is a regime change and the corrupt thieves are apprehended and their assets frozen (including bank accounts), corruption will continue to be a scourge in

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Will Ambassador Sang Deny Kenyans Jamhuri Day Celebration Party Again in 2015?

There is mounting concern that Ambassador Joseph Sang of the Kenya Stockholm Embassy will once again not host a party to celebrate Kenya’s 52nd Jamhuri [Independence] Day on December 12th 2015. If he does so, Kenyans will miss out as they did in 2014. Ambassador Sang did not notify Kenyans earlier in 2014 that he would not host the event.

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Why Anne Waiguru’s Kibera Slum Upgrade Initiative is a Fake Jubilee Propaganda Ploy

Members of The National Party (TNA) under Jubilee coalition think it is politically sexy to continually attack former Prime Minister Raila Odinga whenever he opposes them on politically-incorrect decisions, such as refusing to pay teachers their new salary increase awarded by the Supreme Court, and not suspending the embattled Devolution Cabinet Secretary (CS) Anne Waiguru, for the loss of Ksh791

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Challenging Nancy Mungai’s Views on Swedish TV on Obama’s Visit to Kenya

Now that President Barack Obama’s long awaited visit to Kenya is effectively part of history, it is perhaps time to tackle some of the side issues that surrounded his visit.  Just hours before Obama landed in Kenya, Nancy Mungai, a Kenya-Stockholmer, suddenly surfaced on Swedish national TV 1 to present a plethora of lop-sided views about the political and economic

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Ban On Raila Odinga’s Welcoming Party Shows that the Jubilee Government Is Ripe for Overthrow

Most likely, the attempt by the Jubilee government to curtail Freedom of Assembly in Kenya must have shocked millions of Kenyans who believe in the New Constitution, democracy and the rule of law. Inspector General David Kimaiyio has banned a mass rally scheduled for Saturday, May 31st 2014 to welcome CORD’s Principle Raila Odinga citing security concerns. The ban should

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Debate: Do Mobile Phones Pose a Health Risk to Users?

Mobile telephones, also known as cellular/cell phones, have revolutionized global telecommunications by making it easier to communicate while moving, contrary to landline telephones which are fixed. With additional functions such as Short Message Service (SMS) for sending text messages and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) for sending pictures and videos, mobile phones have become necessary both in the corporate world and

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