Nairobi Night Boogie in Stockholm – 1 December at Gamlastan: Don’t Miss!

If you are a party animal, you will never be more sensitive to pleasure without being responsive to a unique all-night boogie happening around you. The year is coming to an end and the final “party news” is also beginning to spread all around Stockholm city.

Secondly, when it comes to spending your own time, spontaneity can make all the difference but only if you know how to spend quality time, either alone or with friends. It is time to decide how December will roll and just as party animals were beginning to undergo depression because there is nothing major happening, we have some “breaking news”.

On Saturday, 1st December 2018, a dramatic “good-time” activity will be taking place at Skepps Bar in Gamlastan in Stockholm. What is dramatic about this gig is that it is the last chance you will ever have this year to experience the famous “Soul Brothaz” who have cut a niche by systematically transforming the activity of disco-partying into telling the untold stories through music. Why?

Because when they are at work, working bodies down the dance floor (or fusing couples on the floor using music as a screwdriver), this unique crew is known to literally let the music take over your whole system because they speak to fans through music, lift spirits through music and bring happiness through music, all in one powerful combination!

On 1st December, the group will be featuring “public figure number 1” DJ EZ Frank who is not just a household name in the world of African entertainment in Stockholm, but who has also become a magnet to thousands of fans through a sophisticated combination of melody and lyrics he mixes in style.

You have to experience DJ EZ Frank to appreciate his ability to convert staccato beats into fond memories together with his talent in moving disco audiences into wild gyrations on the floor, all without great effort. What is more?

Mark your calendar and start your December holidays by literally taking yourself out of yourself with some classic entertainment. Experiencing the Soul Brothaz in action is like experiencing that very magic that makes your life complete.

They say that a good session of entertainment is like a good meal. Musically speaking, if you have not had a “good meal” for some time, there is always that fresh opportunity. Don’t miss! See you at the party!

Okoth Osewe

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