Martin Ngatia Say Tax Boycott Can Bring Uhuru Family Down in Two Weeks

Mr Martin Ngatia, Chairman of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) has said that the Uhuru government still trying to cling on to power after rigging two elections which both landed them at the Supreme Court, can be brought down through a tax boycott and other measures.

Mr Ngatia said that the National Resistance Movement should move quickly to set up government structures as they prepare to split up the country in case the Supreme Court does not nullify Uhuru Kenyatta’s election theft.

Mr Ngatia also said that NRM should increase the number of goods and services to be boycotted, suggesting that NRM members should also boycott PSVs from Central Province along with hotels belonging to members of the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel. Mr Ngatia said that cargo trucks from Central Province should be isolated and made to operate only in Kikuyu land to teach Jubilee members a lesson.

He said that if NASA institutes a campaign for a tax boycott, Jubilee government will collapse in two weeks. It is a fascinating video which also raises other critical issues in the current struggle to overthrow Jubilee from power.

Okoth Osewe


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