Soul Brothers are Back: Sat 25th November at Club Oak: Hallunda

After a successful “Summer Explosion” which took Stockholm fans by storm, the mighty Soul Brathaz are back with a bang! If you have been out of the news, the action will take place on Saturday, 25th November 2017 at Club Oak in Hallunda.

Since it was set up, Club Oak is quickly overtaking key African entertainment joints in Stockholm, not just because of its classy approach to the concept of entertainment but because the Club carters for the tastes of every reveler interested in having good quality time after an intensive week. In terms of music choice and the ability to understand the crowd, there is no competition in Stockholm!

On the 25th of November, Club Oak fans will have another rare opportunity of experiencing the skills of non other than VJ EZ Frank, a celebrity in the field of African entertainment in Scandinavia. Party animals will remember “Sound of Blackness” that was engineered by EZ Frank during them days of “Miss Africa Crown” when Sound of Blackness was basically a house-hold name.

EZ Frank is now doing his own thing and teaming up with top promoters in Stockholm to set the pace and to do what he do best – provide unfettered, top of the range entertainment to party animals who will settle for nothing but quality.

Mark your calendar because on 25th November at Club Oak, Africa-Stockholm will literally be on faya with what has been dubbed the ultimate “Stockholm Soul” evening, the biggest African entertainment event that closes the Swedish autumn and opens the way for freezing winter after a summer of endless Soul Brothaz-propelled party extravaganza.

Whether you want to show off your latest fashion acquisition, take your new boy, old bull, new girl or old cow out for a memorable evening; or whether you just want to chill man-solo, the bottom line is that you need a night environment where you can be free with demanding ego, at home and feel like you are surrounded with brothaz and sistaz whose philosophy is to chill in peace, love and inity. What is more?

If you have not yet partnered with that opposite you keep dreaming about, you never know when Jesus Karast will be coming back to reward you for your patience. More so, you never know when opportunity comes crawling right on your door-step because what is certain is that you will never partner with a breastacle or shy bull while watching TV at home on a chilly Saturday evening when you can venture out and sample what is available in the market! Needless to say, if you have never experienced a mixture of pleasure and brother/sister-hood, you got to show up at Club Oak and be a witness on 25th.

At an affordable entry fee of 100kr at the gate, you will be settling for an almost free session of an all-night entertainment package with a bonus – an opportunity to meet new and interesting people whose sole agenda is to help build a peaceful community of party animals under the tutelage of the Soul Brothaz, a dedicated group perpetually focused on delivering the best entertainment technology can offer at this point in the history of mankind.

For sure, you won’t be disappointed. If you have been there before and need no introduction, it is time to duplicate that unforgettable moment of hours of pleasure. After all, life is fundamentally about pursing pleasure and happiness. If you have never been at Club Oak, life is about experimenting with new articulations. The only advantage is that you won’t be disappointed. Come and meet the Soul Brothazz and shake hands with EZ Frank, an accomplished entertainer who prefers to keep it simple but perfect. Enough said! See you at Club Oak in Hallunda!

Makozewe Karudi
Soul Brothaz Media Works

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