Ask Okoth Osewe: Ten Steps to Successful Secession in Kenya

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There is currently a lot of talk about secession in Kenya. In other words, we are in the era of secession politics. In this video, Okoth Osewe outlines the ten basic stages of a secession process. The secession debate comes in the wake of a third rigged election in Kenya. In 2007, election was rigged while in 2013, the election was once again rigged by the Mount Kenyan Mafia cartel. The rigging of the 2017 election can be described as the straw which has eventually broke the camel’s back.

The mood for secession is strong. NASA voters are frustrated while the reality that election rigging will continue deep into the future is what is driving the secession debate. Kenyans who voted for change cannot stand another five years of corruption, human rights violations, hunger across the country, unemployment especially among the youth, poor health care services and collapsing social services.

Under the circumstances, and given the arrogance of the Mount Kenya mafia cartel responsible for election rigging, Kenyans who voted for change but who were later given computer generated leaders are yearning for a split of the country. The Constitution, which was supposed to serve as a legal document binding Kenya together is no longer being respected by the mafia who continue to rape it with impunity.

The succession debate is being driven by a genuine need for a new life free from the oppression of the Mount Kenya mafia cartel. The video offers a glimpse of what it will take for the secessionists to archive their objectives. Needless to say, secession is not an event. It is a process that might involve violence and instability across the country. However for now, the pro-secessionists are ready to take that route rather than wait for another five years only to be presented with another rigged election. Watch the video and let us know what you think.

ask okoth osewe ten steps to secession in kenya

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