Why Attack on DP William Ruto’s House Was Stage-Managed


According to information reaching us, a group of armed men have attacked the home of Deputy President William Ruto in Sigoi. According to a Kenya Times Report, three white men posing as visitors entered the home after which they snatched a gun from a GSU officer and shot the officer in the head and leg. It is reported that William Ruto was not at the home at the time of the attack but was attending a political rally near by.

The question which comes to mind is why a group of armed men would want to attack the house of the Vice President precisely when he was not at home. It is also reported that the DPs family was also away. The Kenya Times Reported that there was an armoury at the DPs home which, it said, the attackers had gained access to.

From the point of view of a critical mind, the attack could be an inside job by the Jubilee government to divert attention from the evidence given by NASA’s Presidential candidate to the effect that the Jubilee government is scheming to use the military to rig the August 8th election.

If Jubilee is not trying to divert attention, then the so-called attack may be a prelude to similar but lethal attacks on the Opposition especially on the NASA principals who remain a target on the basis that Jubilee has been informed by the NIS that it will lose the August election

Alternatively, the Jubilee government may be planning to assassinate Raila Odinga and to do so, they first have to stage-manage an attack on one of their own, William Ruto. This strategy is designed to make any attack on Raila Odinga look normal.

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