Jubilee Election Rigging Reality Strikes as KRA Intel Reaches NASA HQs


On 16th May 2016, the Kenya Red Alliance published intelligence information stating that Jubilee is planning to rig election using the police and military. Finally, that information has reached NASA headquarters which is just beginning to react. What did KRA say?

Addressing Kenyans through Youtube, Mr. Martin Ngatia, KRA Chairman, said that Jubilee is planning to rig election because it is not ready to hand over power.

Now, NASA’s presidential candidate Raila Odinga has said that Jubilee is recruiting from the security forces in order to get security officers to preside over elections as IEBC Returning Officers.

The revelation by Raila Odinga and the public announcement of the names of officers already recruited is positive because it pre-empts Jubilee’e plan thereby complicating their election rigging strategy. The list released by Raila Odinga is just the tip of an iceberg.

Jubilee Election Rigging Reality Strikes as KRA Intel Reaches NASA HQs

We can add the according to insiders, the National Intelligence Services is deeply involved in the mega-plan to rig the election. NIS has been responsible for printing of millions of ID cards that were used to recruit fake voters including children. The security agency was also responsible for pumping millions of ghost voters into the Voter’s Register after gaining access to BVR kits.

According to the IEBC, over three million voters are junk voters and the final task of NIS is to ensure that the junk voters they pumped into the Voter’s Register vote on polling day. This will not be possible if the voting system is not taken over by security agents. This explains why members of the forces are being converted into civilians to be recruited by IEB to help in election rigging.

KRA would like to encourage Kenyans to expect a rigged election or attempts to do so on 8th August. The fact that another piece of Jubilee election rigging strategy has been exposed means that NASA supporters must increase their vigilance on election day to further expose and thwart any rigging strategy by Jubilee security agents.

Kenyans needs a free, fair, credible, democratic and, most importantly, verifiable election as a condition of lasting peace and tranquillity across the country. Another rigged election after two previous and subsequent election rigging will not only plunge the country into anarchy and chaos but also carries the capacity to plunge the country into fratricidal civil war. Such a development will not only be catastrophic but also destructive and bloody with long term consequences. Defend the vote on August 8th 2017.

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