Invitation to Swahili Day by African Embassies in Stockholm

swahili day saturday june jpeg 10

Members of the African and International community are invited to “Swahili Day” which will be hosted by five African Embassies namely: Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia and Mozambique.

The event, which is held annually to popularize Swahili language, will take place at Bergshamra Skolan at Hjertstigen 1: Solna from 13.30hrs-20.00hrs. The theme will be “Swahili Music”. Expected at the event is Kenya’s Moses Trubaduru, Maestro Vumbi Dekula Band (Live), show-bizz sensation Shybul together with artist Tanzaniane from the Republic of Tanzania. This combination of artists promises a wild evening packed with action! With Hazze Shijja as the MC and Jonas Evald the Guest Speaker (the topic is secret for now), your day has already been made.

DJ Richie will be spinning while revelers will also have the opportunity to be entertained by Rwandese Dancers popular for their scintillating dance acrobatics which never fails to mesmerize the audience as the dancers literally wriggle their delicate quarters during complicated rhythmic moves that are fundamentally beyond the scope of basic human comprehension. You should be there to watch them gyrate flesh in tandem as if a kind of alien “software” is installed on their waists to coordinate mysterious signals that choreographs the dance moves at what can be described as “super-human” levels.
swahili day rwandeseAlso on the menu are light speeches, display of art, Swahili literature and Swahili food. For starters, chapatis, mandazis, wali, samosas, ugali, pilao, sikuma-wiki, nyama choma, kachumbari (salad) and tonnes of other known Swahili delicacies will be available therefore, take a light breakfast and avoid lunch if possible. With almost an empty belly, don’t be surprised if you are captured on an iPhone camera, licking your fingers as your appetite pushes you to try and break your “eating record” of 2017.

What is more? A lottery that gives you the opportunity to win an air ticket to an African country of your choice or a Safari is also planned. With a little prayer in the morning and a strong sense of miraculous spiritual intervention from the ancestors, you might find yourself packing your luggage next week for an unexpected vacation to South Africa or a Safari to Amboseli. This is not propaganda.

Kenya Airways and Jambo Tours are the big names behind the lottery so you can be sure that if you win, your luck will not be wasted in this era of fake news. Most importantly, a cute Kenya Airways hostess will be at hand to help the winner with detailed information on how to get airborne as soon as possible to a destination of your choice in Africa with all expenses paid including free drinks on board!  It is for real!

Make a date on your smart phone calendar, set the alarm for Saturday, 10th June, remember to take a light breakfast while you can take with you a friend who has never experienced anything “Swahili” for a real surprise.

Finally, if you are driving, stick to soft drinks just in case “machozi ya simba” and other tempting brands like Tusker Ndovu find their way to the venue. They can be confusing sometimes and apart from losing your mental radar, you might physically lose direction after the event or get your license recalled because you will never be able to bribe the cops in Stockholm!

Okoth Osewe

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