NASA’s “Holy Covenant” with the People of Kenya Upon Power Take-Over

In its quest for the Presidency, the National Super Alliance (NASA) led by Raila Amolo Odinga, has made a raft of promises which now constitute the “Holy Covenant” between the Opposition outfit and the people of the Republic Kenya.

It is a comprehensive list which covers almost every sector that needs urgent overhaul in the lives of over 45 million Kenyans. The promises range from a reduction in prices of basic consumer commodities to returning KDF soldiers from Somalia within 100 days after taking over power.

Obviously, the Covenant is impressive enough and should make any voter who has been suffering under the failed Jubilee government want to vote for NASA. Without revealing the content, we invite you to have a look and have your say at the comments.



  • Vincent Nyakundi

    mmmmmmmhhhh,,,,thinking of removing KDF soldiers from somalia is just a nightmare bt we’re watching…

  • i would really want to know they will reduce rent prices which is dictated by law of supply and demand.

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